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. . . and you yourself 
shall keep the key of it. 

— William Shakespeare 



South Meadow Road, Carver, MA, 02330 



; ■ If it had happened to a heterosex- 
lal woman who had been with 100 or 
! 100 men, they'd call her a whore and 
1 1 slut, and the corporations would 
! Irop her like a lead balloon. 

Hartina Navratilova, tennis 

liampion, on the outpouring of support 
or Magic Johnson 

ji We're here! We're queer! Get 
Lsed to it! 

Jay rights protesters, »« 

hunt used at demonstrations 

i We have to act now to make sure 
ou don't have to be a Rockefeller to 
fford decent health care in this 

Senator Jay Rockefeller (d- 

• r .Va.), millionaire great-grandson of 
ohn D. Rockefeller, on the need for na- 
onalized health coverage 

1 1 believe that there is a devil, and 
tere's Satan's agenda. First, he 
loesn't want anyone having kids. 
Secondly, if they do conceive, he 
rants them killed. If they're not 
dlled through abortion, he wants 
hem neglected or abused, physical- 
y, emotionally, sexually. Barring 
hat, he wants to get them into some 
godless curriculum or setting, where 
heir minds are filled with pollution. 

iandall Teny, founder of the rad- 
cal antiabortion group Operation 

I Women in 
;his country le- 
gally have a 
choice; at least I 
;hink they do. I 
mven't checked 
:he paper today. 

Murphy Brown, a tv character 

■>layed by actress Candice Bergen, on 

■ It was in June of 1981, on Ward 
3B. We saw a young gay man with 
the most devastating immune defi- 
ciency we had ever seen. We said, 
"We don't know what this is, but we 
hope we don't ever see another case 
like it again." 

Samuel Broder, M.D., director 

of the National Cancer Institute, on the 
first time he saw a patient with AIDS 

■ I confess that after I arrived in 
L.A. in 1979, I did my best to ac- 
commodate as many women as I 
could — most of them through un- 
protected sex. 

Earvin "Magic" Johnson, 

basketball star, on how he got the AIDS 

Quotations are the medium which tran- 
scends time. The ideas and attitudes of an 
era can he locked into the present and in 
our memories. They can be used as in- 
fluence or omens on the journey through 
the uncertain future. 

The 1992 yearbook staff used quota- 
tions to express the ideas of our school, 
nation, and era, as well as ideas from 
previous eras. We may use quotations to 
remember the past and take heed for the 

"As I see the drama of democracy un- 
folding around the globe, perhaps we are 
closer to that new world than ever before. 
The future is ours to influence, to shape." 
— George Bush 

■ My job is a 7- 
day-a-week, 24- 
hour-a-day job. 
... I have to be 
able to commun- 
icate. It is in 
the national in- 
terest, v \ S& 

John SunUnU, then White House 
Chief of Staff, on whyhe look a chauffeur- 
driven government limousine to New 
York City to ui h ml o stamp auction 

■ Suniinii is living proof thai you 
shouldn't give children their K^ test 
results because then they go 
through life thinking they're smart. 

Edward Rollins, Repubiu ■„„,„,. 

■ JNo doctor can nelp me anymore. 
If God won't come to me, I'm going 
to find God. I can't stand it any 

Marjorie Wantz, 58, explaining 

in a note why she killed herself using Dr. 
Jack Kevorkian's "suicide machine" 

■ They're never going to believe this 

James "Whitey" Bulger, re- 

puted mobster, on sharing a $14 million 
Massachusetts lottery pot 

I I'm going to admit tonight for the 
first time publicly that I am Frank 
Sinatra's love child. 

liOn lieagan, referring, jokingly, to 
biographer Kitty Kelley's allegation that 
his mother, Nancy Reagan, and Sinatra 
were lovers 

■ The New World Order starts 
here. The "free" in Free World 
doesn't refer to parking. 

LuciUS RiCCiO, New York City 
transportation commissioner, announc- 
ing plans to crack down on diplomats 
who fail to pay parking tickets 

■ Heard any good jokes lately? 

Pee-wee Herman, a .k. a . p au i 

Reubens, comedian, in his first public ap- 
pearance after an arrest for indecent ex- 

■ The Lord told me it's flat none of 
your business. 

Jimmy Swaggail, televangelist, 
to his congregation in Baton Rouge, La., 
about being discovered, again, with a 

■ None of your damn business. 

Spokesman for Rep. Dan 

ROStenkOWSki (D-m.), when asked 
whether the chairman of the Ways and 
Means Committee had bounced any 
checks at the House bank CD 

Dedication . . 

"Sometimes the fight itself is 
more important than the out- 
come of the battle." 


The graduating class of 1992 would like to dedicate this 
yearbook to someone who emulates the spirit of our class 
and our school. This dedication is to someone who inspires 
us not only with her words, but also by setting an example 
for us to follow. This person has given more to us as 
individuals than we could ever return. Without question 
Mrs. Wendy Simeone has done all of this and more. 

Mrs. Simeone has always extended her assistance and 
sympathy to anyone in need and in doing so surpassed her 
duties as a teacher. She uses every bit of energy she can 
possibly exert to prepare us, not only for tests and quizzes, 
but for life. In her classroom, students are encouraged to 
think freely and explore all aspects of every viewpoint. 
This is essential to the development of a maturing young 
adult. She stresses the importance of the individual, re- 
specting all ideas, and educating her students to do the 

Perhaps the most important thing Mrs. Simeone has 
taught us cannot be found in any textbook. It is a feeling, a 
consciousness. She has shown us that it is important to 
stand up and fight for what we believe in and what we 
desire out of life, no matter what the odds. We have been 
shown that no matter how uphill the battle it is important 
never to lose sight because, "sometimes the fight itself is 
more important than the outcome of the battle." 

"Find simplicity; grow to under- 
stand nature; and do not fear the 





& J I 

^w **» <§? _, 






I would like to congratulate 
the Class of 1992 for its out- 
standing accomplishments. May 
your future be filled with happiness 
and success. Good luck to you all. I wish 
you a very happy and healthy life. 
When things go wrong as they sometimes will, 
When the road you're trudging seems all uphill, 
When the funds are low and the debts are high, 
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh, 

Don't give up though the pace seems slow — 
You may succeed with another blow. 

Success is failure turned inside out, 
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt, 
And you can never tell how close you are, 
It may be near when it seems so far; 

So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit, 
Ifs when things seem worst that you 
must not quit! 

Author unknown 

To the Class of 1992, 
You are the first graduating class to 
have spent five years at Carver High 
School. Watching you grow from eighth grad- 
ers to seniors has been a pleasure and has taught 
me many valuable lessons. One of the most im- 
portant lessons has been seeing the value of having 
patience when dealing with junior high students. 
Many of you struggled as eighth graders and often felt 
overwhelmed by the experience. But, you stuck with it, you 
grew and now you have prevailed. You made it! From my ob- 
servations the finished product was worth the effort. Good luck. I 
hope you continue your successes as you further your education or enter 
the work force. 

Ruth Alexander 

Mary Ann Damon 
Foreign Language 

Gil Bearakat 

Betsy Battles Rudolph Bowman 

Aide Chapter 1 

Alfred Bean 
Student Teacher 

Marianne Bender- 

Steven Davies 

Tom Donnelly 

Edna Driscoll 
Main Office 

Janet Drohan 

Kevin Farrell 

Ricardo Gomes 
Athletic Director 

The influence of teachers on the 
rising generation is almost unlim- 
ited. Only father and mother have 
more, and theirs is largely by pre- 
cept and example rather than in- 


Dora Maria 


Foreign Language 

Chuck Green 
Social Studies 

Melody Greengross 

Nancy Habeeb 
Office Aide 

Ben Hatch 
Social Studies 

Daria Herlihy 


$ Susan Hiller 

Social Studies 

David Hosford 
Industrial Arts 

Virginia Jesse 
Special Needs 

Judith Kiersted 

Ron King 
Social Studies 

Julia Kispert 

Aretta Kotalis 
Social Studies 


W^ ¥ 


A hd*M 

Gary Lincoln 
Social Studies 

Nancy LeCount 

Mary MacNeil 

Claire Marty 

Patrick Moreno 
Foreign Languages 

Joan Ravinski 
Special Needs 

Clifford Snavely 
Special Needs 

Maureen Trostel 
Health Aide 

Cameron Marzelli 

Catherine Sharon- 

Patricia McCarthy Paul McDonald 

Guidance Head Custodian 

Kevin Nolan 

Robert Noyes 

Michael O'Connor 

James O'Connors 


Martha Ready 
Physical Education 

UK <* 

Ruth Lynch 

Wendy Simeone 

Joan Simmons 
Student Services 

Marie Sullivan 

Dr. John Swanson 

James Tighe 

Robert Merrifield 

Donna Pihl 
Special Needs 

Sue Smith 
Data Processing 

William Turpin 

Hugh Veno 

Robert Wade 

Richard Ward 
Physical Education 

Peter Murphy 
Physical Education 

iS *T\ 

r»*ft © 

Lorraine Warner 

Frederick Wasti 

Londa Wiener 

Ann Wohlander 
Main Office 

Cafeteria Staff 

Joan Wollner 
Library Aide 




"Almost Paradise" 

Saturday evening 

May fourth 

Nineteen hundred and ninety-one 

King and Queen: Scott Holmes and Shannon Bell 

Court: Eric Johnson, John Ross, Rick Thome, 
Daivn Pierce, Lauren Smolinsky, and 
Elaine Swartzer. 








1 ''1 > 

1 * 



*^ 1 
b ^ 1 









I've had my share of broken dreams, 

And more than a couple of falls. 

And in chasing what I thought 

were moonbeams — I have run into 

a couple of walls. 

But in looking back 

At the faces I've been, 

I'd sure be the first one to say — 

When I look at myself today, 

I wouldn't have done it 

Any other way. 

— Jim Croce 


ACT: 4-H, NHS, Anthology editor. Science Am- 
bassador/USSR, Drama Club, Prom Committee, 
Photography, Creative Writing, Math League. 
FP: Smiley, Mike B, Ron P, Dan S, Jess, Stick, 
Dave, Kim, Janet, Pat, EM, The PTP group, 2 
Igors, 2 Maxs, 2 Andreys, Luda, Lena, Alosha. 
PP: People who are closed minded, Dingle balls 
on matresses. FM: Edna's wig, ME., KY., 4-H, 
Natures Classroom, The CCCP/USSR, Oct. 9, 
1986-April 2, 1990, Tea parties in SOCHI. FG: 
To travel, Return to the U.S.SJR., Be an Intnl vet. 
Be happy and succesful. PA: Smiley, Mom, Collin, 
Doc Swanson, Olga L, Mr Mitchell. FQ: "If one 
advances confidently in the direction of his 
dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he 
has imagined, he will meet with a success un- 
expected in common hours" Henry David Tho- 
reau. "What are you thinking about? 
. . .shiskebobsr Andrey 



ACT: Tennis (1, 2, 3, 4), Basketball Mgr. (2, 3), Skiing, 
AFS (2, 3, 4), SADD (1,2,3), Prom Committee, Home- 
coming committee, Senior Show, Fashion Show, 
Octoberfest. PP: People who think they're better than 
you, Liars, Players-Vice Versa. FP: Mom, Dad, Lisa, 
Karyn, Devon, Lauren, Danny, Denise, Elaine, LS, KP, 
LH, DS, EM, AC, JM, M], DP, SF, RF, SB, TB, RK, JR, MF, 
CL, DB, RP,JN, CB, JS, CF. FM: Watercountry w /Lauren, 
Vermont w/Dev, Dennisport w/DP and ES, Karyn and I 
getting kidnapped by atheists, Sking, "Fathers Day" 
Summer "90", Thursday night bonding, Martha's Vine- 
yard w/LB (stargazing), Standish Monument, Facials 
with KS and ES, Getting my cast off, Beach w/MacGyver, 
4th of July "90", Troop, Back of D.B. truck, Making it to 
and from the Keith S. concert alive. Club MTV concert 
(Lima ride w/Dev and Rob), When Robby thought I got 
shot (Fatman), BB w/JS, spending time with friends. FG: 
To become a lawyer and become very wealthy, get mar- 
ried, have 2 kids and live happily ever after. WT: Tell my 
brother I love him and will always look up to him, Tell 
HF that I would have said yes. PA: My brother, people 
who make their dreams come true. FQ: If you love me, tell 
me now don't wait 'til ifs chiseled on cold marble stone. 
Don't wait 'til morning then there could be death between 
us and I would never know. So if you love me even a little 
tell me now so I can treasure the sweetness of your love. 


"Renlau" "Mim" 

ACT: A.F.S. club 2, 3, 4 Pres. 3, National Honor Society 2, 
3, 4, Drama Club 3, 4, M.U.N. Boston, N.Y., Prom Com- 
mittee 3, Newspaper Editor-in-Chief 4, Yearbook 4. FP: 
Mom, Dad, Sara, Family, Eb, Chris, B.E., K.P., K.S., SM., 
R.J., S.A., K.S., DJ., E.S., CM., W.D., G.F., N.J., S.P. and 
all other friends, past and present (F.LNJP.O.) FM: No- 
vember 14, 1990 , April 12, 1990 , New Year's '91 , 
Halloween etc. '90, "Scribble", mozzarella sticks at the 
bandstand, Blue Hills, Standish Monument '90 , Water 
Country with Sherry, Karen, and Christine, M.U.N. Bos- 
ton and N.Y. (express elevators, N.Y.), half days with 
hamburgers and french fries, "I've fallen and I can't get 
up!" etc., broken noses in the library with Nikia, Charge 
Pond 89,90,91 , "the duck walk", Soccer games 90,91, 
killer bees in Sherry's hair-summer of '91 , Martha's 
Vineyard, Camping 91 , N.Y. with Budge, Sydelz, block 
parties, lemonade stands, Curtis, Terebithia, when Scrib- 
ble ran out of gas, bonding nights, Scribble's trunk, rem- 
iniscing with "Greece", nap days, every moment spent 
with Chris. FG: To find happiness and success in even the 
smallest aspects of my life. WT: eat pistachio ice cream, 
make it through the toll booth at the N.Y. Int. PA: Anyone 
who stands up for who they are and what they believe in. 
FQ: "What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it 
is dearness only that gives everything its value. — 
Thomas Paine 

ACT: Work, Lifting, Hanging out, Hanging 
brains, Driving to Pembroke FP: Belinda, 
Mom, David, Dad, Stacy, family, B.C., T.P., 
R.T., J.W., V.B., C.B., A.B., KM., T.R., T.C., 
B.P., K.A., J.G., L.M., R.P., R.L., R.L.B. FM: 
Summer of 91 , When Turtle took two people 
to the prom, the morning after the prom, Au- 
gust 19th, Inschool w/Farrell, Mr. Palladi- 
no's office, going to bed w/that flourescent 
lightbulb, fun nights at L.B.'s w/B.L., car 
wars, road killings FG: To be happy, suc- 
cessful, and marry the girl I love WT: Jump 
R.P., smack J.G. real hard PA: Me FQ: "Yo 
Wally where's the Beave", "You moron", 
"What's up" 

FP: Mom, Dad, Jon, Nana, Aunt Jenny, the rest of 
my family, P.J., D.P., D.V., S.B., S.A., J.G., H.F., 
J.R., J.M., J.P., T.C., The Bishops, V.B., R.B., 
K.M., M.N. PP: Break ups, High school hallways, 
rumors, liars FM: summers at the Cape, going out 
w/Paul, mountain climbing w /Sherry, Florida, 
when I got my braces off, 7/30/91 FG: go to 
college, become a flight attendant, travel, get 
married and have a child WT: Take singing les- 
sons, try to get into the music business PA: My 
Mom FQ: "Of all the people you will know in a 
lifetime, you are the only one you will ever leave 
or lose. To the questions of your life, you are the 
only answer. To the problems of your life, you 
are the only solution." 

ACT: Foreign Language (2), Field Hockey 
(1, 2, 3, 4)-Capt.3, 4, Track & Field (2), 
Martial Arts, National Honor Society V.P. 
(3), President (4), Peerleadership (3, 4), Sec- 
retary of Senior Class (4) FP: Field Hockey 
Team, Sandi S., JK, Sue M., Laureen M., 
Tim R., Karyn B., Julie G., Wendy D., Jen 
A., Jen M PP: Men, Airheads, Laureen M. 
FM: New York Model UN, when LM 
flashed down town Plymouth, Classes 
w/Rick FG: To enter the FBI training pro- 
gram WT: GOADWR and JK PA: Sandra 
Day O'Connor 

ACT: Gymnastics 1, Track/ field 3, Na- 
tional Honor Society (2, 3, 4), FLC (2, 3), 
AFS 3, Math league (3, 4), yearbook 4, 
Peerleaders (3, 4), Model UN (2, 3, 4) FP: 
Jen, Mom, Dad, Kim, family, Julie, 
Laureen, Shannon, zee's now wa's, Ryans, 
Rituccis, all my other friends PP: slow 
drivers, stubborn people FG: To have a 
good job, married w/kids, travel around 
world FM: Model Un, Halloween, Nature's 
Classroom, Camp Bourndale, sleeping in 
the bathroom PA: Julie, Tim FQ: It always 
looks better in the morning NP: My high 
school years will probably be some of the 
best memories of my life- Thank you every- 

ACT: Football (1), Basketball (2, 3, 4), 
Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4) FP: Mom, Dad, Kris and 
Family, Elaine & Family, Jason R., Jim H., 
BP, BC, TP, RL, CF, RT, JG, MS, JS, NS, 
DP, KS, HF, CB, AE, SA, WD PP: Shaking, 
fear FM: Summers with Jay, Thursday 
night bonding, D/W/O/A/L, Movies 
w /Elaine, getting K.O.'ed, 4/12/91, Prom 
1991, latenights out with Jay, working 
with no sleep, making it home from the 
Keith Sweat concert and making it home 
7/13/91 FG: Go to college, have a career, 
get married and have kids WT: 
S.WM.G.F.O.N. & TMJ>I£.T. PA: My 
parents FQ: "Oye" 



ACT: Field hockey (1,2,3, cap. 4), Track + Field (1, 2), 
Wrestling Mgr. (2, 3, 4), peerleadership (1,2,3), Treasurer 
4 FP: mom, dad, cat, chrts, family, jenn, tori, Kerry, Jesse, 
Bean, Sku Bud, Mike S, Kurt S, Seth G, Keith B, John R, 
JarrettH, Chris F, Marissa H, Wrestling team, Kristen W, 
Leigh K, Nikki M, Jill K, April D, Amy M, Brian C, Turtle 
P, Ryan B, Derek B, Kent, Homer, Elise S, Jen S, Jen G, 
Mark D, Sherry A, Kevin H, Mike B, Fletch, Angus, Harry 
Farrell, Lynchie, Mo, FJ1. team. PP: rumors, red tights, 
people that don't mind their own business FM: summer of 
90, camping w/ Jenn, times w/ JJl, Seths parties, senior 
year, guy Hunting w/ Rissa, psychology, times w/ Tori 
(summer). Nights w/ Jesse, Kurt + Mike, Cumby's w/ 
Jarrett. FG: go to college, get married, and live a long 
healthy life. WT: make honor roll, thank my family for 
everything. PA: my mother for loving me ana putting up 
w/ my BS. FQ: "Oh yeah", byJJi.+ JJi. 

ACT: Nafl Honor Society PP: People who 
try to act like someone they're not FM: 
eigth grade Washington trip FG: pilot 
training WT: play football 



"Shell, Shelby" 

FP: Mom, David, Cindy, Tara, Dawn + family, Denise + 
family, Nana+Papa, Aunt Nancy, Pete, Ant, Denny, Liz, 
Seth, Christine, Craig, Matt, Joanne, Karen, Jill, Beany, 
Lynn, Sherri, Terrell, Petie, Tird, Jason, Mike, Mark, 
Diane, Rich, Ricky, Nigel, E.J., Jason, Tony, Brian, Sher- 
ry, Kelly, Karri, Mike, Maya, Joe, Scotty, Lauren, Tara, 
Rich, Gabe, Wai, Class of 92, and anyone else I forgot you 
know who you are. PP: Guys who wear spandex + flip 
flops, Liars, Tramps, Players, two-faced people. FM: Ply. 
wf D.P., D.V., + mom. Riverside w/ D.P., M.J., KM., + 
K.S., Rocky Point w/ D.P., S.G., + K.B, Parties in 
Wareham, Working at Edaville, N.H. w/ M.J., Busride to 
school in 7th grade. FG: To be happy + successful. WT: 
Tell my dad in person that I love mm, Thank my family 
for always having faith in me and Dawn and Denise for 
always standing by me. 


ACT: Cheerleading, Water skiing, Snow 
skiing FP: Mom, Dad, Joel, Crystal, An- 
drew, Carrie, Maggie, Lisa, Lori,-The Gang 
.PP: Pointing FM: Super Slide"90" New 
Hampshire"91" FG: Raising a Family WT: 
Making The Honor Roll NP: Thanks to 
Mom and Dad I love You, Love Always 
Joel, B/F/F Carrie, Maggie, Lisa And The 
Gang. P/F/B (mouth) (W.T) .Thanks For 

FP: TA, AC, Spaz, TM, WD, JT, April, TF, 
Mom, Dad, My whole family PP: Snobby 
people FM: Bringing my son into this 
world FG: Raising a happy, healthy, fam- 
ily WT: Be a truck driver PA: TA, AA FQ: 


ACT: Golf (1, 2), Tennis (3, 4), AFS FP: 
Grandfather, Family and friends, TC, JC, 
JS, JG, NS, DS, NH, TM, CH, BP, TC, RP, 
KF, GK, SB, DP, DV, Rf, FJ, RG, KS, KM, 
and people who mind their own business 
PP: Close the curtain on Mr. Wade FM: 
New Hampshire trip with BP FG: State 
police officer or a Special Agent for FBI 
WT: Make high honors, have a full time job 
in Boston PA: Anyone who loves the USA, 
Vinnie (fat Winnie), Teresa, Robert Deniro, 
Raymond Patriarca, John Gotti FQ: DTA 
(don' trust anyone)-Brian Cavallo NP: To 
the class of "92", good luck in your future 
plans. Don't worry everything will work 


The Tonster 
ACT: Art, Art, and Art, snowboarding, 
nothing, Nafl Art Honor Society FP: Fam- 
ily, Sinbad and Zach, J. Schichilone, Steve, 
Mike Z, Dan H, John Z, Chuck W, Mike W, 
Shelly, Dawn, Denise, Brianca, Andy S PP: 
People who ask questions when they al- 
ready know the answer FM: Colorado, Ski 
Trips, Canada, The Little Blue Shoes FG: 
To own my own animation studio, live in 
Breckenridge, Colorado WT: Get good 
grades, football, T/M/G/T/F/O PA: 
Damian Sanders, M.C. Escher, Pushead, 
Cyrano FQ: Violence is neccessary; it is as 
American as cherry pie - Rap Brown. 


ACT: Soccer, Basketball, Hanging out FP: Mom, 
Dad, A.C, J.C, Laureen, T.P, R.B, J.B, C.B, J.W, 
M.D, R.T, T.D, T.W, K.L, L.B, A.S. PP: Skaters,Ge 
tting left in Duxbury. FM: Turtle had two dates 
for the prom.YC: Play Basketball, Get married to 
the girl of my dreams J have already found her.W 
T: Get an"A"in a class. PA: My Uncle 
Mark,Reggie Lewis-Boston Celtics. FQ: "YO","W 
allie wheres the Beav." NP: / hope that the things 
I have now will never change.And I am always 
with the ones I love. 


ACT: Track 2, Cross Country 3 FP: Mom, Dad, Gary, 
Steven, rest of family, Jill, TB, CR, KP, AH, W, DH, KM, 
CW, BB, MO, JE PP: lies, waiting, driving through Plym- 
outh FM: Florida w / 'Jill, feb. vacation "89", working wj 
Charlie at CK, summer of "91" (8-5-97), my friendship 
w/ Dawn,, Timw w/ Steven, Time w/ Tina, Cape FG: to 
go to college, get married w/kids, be successful and have 
a lot of money and happiness, WT: Thank Gary for being 
there, and thank my parents for always trying to help 
PA: Debbie for always going after what she wants and 
getting it, and Gary for enjoying life FQ: Don't be afraid, 
oh my love, I'll be watching you from above, and I'd give 
all the world tonite to be with you, cuz I'm on your side 
and I still care, I may have died but I've gone nowhere, 
just think of me and I'll be there.-The Escape Club 


"Tom, Tombo, Corsh" 
ACT: Jazz Band 1, Band 3, 4, Senior Show 
2, 3, Juniorfest, Battle of the Bands 
"90", "91", Melissa Benoit benefit concert 
FP: Family, friends, "the band" PP: Rap, 
PN, BooHog, lto4in2, Brillo, Dig' em 
Gumby FM: the night me and Chris had 
"the Iced Tea", If we could only remember 
it, Papa Gino's the day of the Battle, The 
Urine Fest FG: Become a well known mu- 
sician WT: Let Scott play my drums!!! PA: 
Lars Ulrich, My Dad FQ: "God Is a moth- 
er" Eugene O'neil. 



PP: People who tell other people what's 
good for them, stuck up people. FM: Auqa b 
oggen-90-P.H., JM., EJi., Logan Airport 
June 91, July 4th 1991, Science Museum 90, 
"Lost in MA" FG: Phils fall, Bowling Ban- 
quet, June 15th 1990, Dick, Tracy, "The 
Long Drive", Become rich and famous busi- 
ness man. FQ: Good things come to those 
who wait. 


"Fugnee, Gary" 
ACT: Soccer 3, Baseball 2, Senior Show 3, 
Band, Art, Music, Personal Band, National 
Honor Society, FP: Andrea, Mark, Tom, 
Chris, Julie, Marc, Zimmage, Family, Lung 
Ernie, Polar E Dog FM: Band practice at 
Tom's, "Quiche of the day", Andrea, "1 to 
4 in 2", Dew PP: Gumby, stupid people, 
"blowoffs" , breaking strings, Dig 1 em, K.B., 
Sashstain, N.J., Alex Trabec FG: career in 
music, college, long life with Andi, to be 
rich, have a lifetime supply of dew. WT: 
Watch Gumby play Tom's drums, be as 
good as Alex (NOT), a guitarist, a rapper, 
eat Honey Smacks, be a "Rotar Biv.'TA: 
Tom, Geddy Lee, "Trabec", father, Chris 
FQ: "All the crap we've had to take" - 
Geddy Lee 


ACT: Cheerleading (2, 3, 4), Golf (2, 3), 
Peerleadership (1, 2, 3, 4) FP: Chris, AE, 
PH, ES, JS, MG, Jav, cheerleading squad, 
SM and the Fernaus, JH, my family PP: 
Fake people, split ends, two faced people, 
people who whine FM: 2/13/91, times 
with Chris, PNHS, AE and the gas tank, EC 
camp and the toga party, Pond St with 
Elise, prom '91, bus rides to games, rides 
home with JS and ES, beach with Andrea, 
sunblock 29 FG: get married, have a family 
and open my own travel agency WT: un- 
derstand Algebra PA: Chris, Andrea FQ: 
Walk in front of me and I may not follow, 
walk behind me and I may not lead, but 
walk beside me and be 


"Wendis, Dewy" 

ACT: Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4), Softball 11, 2), Model U.N. (3, 
4), N.HS. (2, 3, 4), Peerleadership (3, 4), Prom Committee, 
Octoberfest, Drama Club, S.A.D.D. (1, 2, 3, 4), Yearbook, 
Brainscribble (1, 2, 3, 4), Student Council (2)fP: Family 
and friends, you all know who you are PP: When people 
poke me, When people chew loudly, When the phone rings 
while you're going to the bathroom FM: Model U.N., 
Summer '89, Standish Monument, Martha's Vineyard 
(etc.). Late nights w/sis, Edna and the mats, Seaell's 
Pharmacy and Poker, $107 for S3, 3rd.pd. yearbook 
room, "I'm fallen' and 1 can't get up", "Centrifuge", 
Maine and Coos Canyon, Tennis wj Sue M., Shannon s B- 
Day in gym, Natures Classroom, Shannon's eyeglass case 
FG: To invent a new theory of teaching to help break 
through the boundaries of a child's mind WT: Hug S.H. 
and tell him someone cares PA: Those who believe in 
themselves and fight to keep it alive FQ: "When you come 
to the edge of all you know, you must believe one of two 
things; There will be earth to stand on, or you will be 
given wings to fly." 

ACT: Sit home and be bored FP: P.F., G.D., 
S.D., S.S., P.S., J.T., B.B., O.O. FM: When 
Mr. Wasti kicked me out of class because he 
did not like my shirt, When I drove my car 
into a stone wall FG: To become a car- 
penter WT: Quit School! PA: Ozzy 
Ozborne, Metallica FQ: "Sitting by myself 
living life and loving life, But something 
bothers me what to do- I can't believe I'm 
bored" -Death Angel "Live life one day at 
a time." -Bill W. 

ACT: Track (l),Peerleadership (2, 3), Volunteering (1, 
2, 3, 4) FP: My family, John Herman, Phil and the rest 
of the Hermans PP: People with an attitude, not 
having enough clothes, Lamb tongues, the Hawaii 
tape FM: N.H. with E.S.,Stealing P.P with E.S., Span- 
ish 2 Cutting C.L's hair,3/8/89, O.C.Sr. Prom 89 
with John 90, Prom 91, Choc, pudding whip Cream J. 
H.,6/15/90 with f.P.,PJi.,EJJ.,K.G.,P.D., Aqua bog 
with fJJ. ect., Needle Beach J.H., Beach with W.D. 
Sunblock 29, P/N/H/S/W /W.D + gas tank, and the 
many more wonderful memories spent with John 89 
FG: Become an O.B. nurse. Doctor, Spend the rest of 
my life with John, have a family, be rich, own a red 
Lotus, Be a model. WT: Go to a private school. PA: 
My father, Karyn Glover FQ: fohn'.H! 


To everyone who has attributed to my achievements, 
thanxs and farewell. What do I do next? ACT: year- 
book staff (4), Model U.N. Boston (3, 4,) Model U.N. 
NewYork (3, 4), Pearleadership (2, 3, 4), Student 
Council (3), Drama Club, SA.D.D. (1, 2, 3, 4), Prom 
Committee, V-Field Hockey (1, 2, 3, 4), Softball (1,2,) 
FP: Mom, Dad, Erica, Wendy, Carol, Eric, S.P, R.J., 
J.C., JH., and the rest you know who you are! PP: 
When the President comes on the T.V. during your 
favorite program, Hairspray, Spineless men. FM: 
Model UJV Boston-NewYork 91,92 (express eleva- 
tors), Standish monument 91, Charge pond 91, 91 
with Erica, Boat trips, Marthas Vineyard, Phone 
booth with Jason and Tracy, Lalapalooza concert, 
Diseny World 88. FG: Complete college, stay 
healthy, change the world! WT: sing on key, get a 
good score on my S.A.T.s PA: People who portray the 
last quality in Pandora's Box (hope) FQ: The powers 
that be are the one's we should blame.unknown NP: 
The last bastians of the old world. The Smiths, Mor- 
rissy, The final stands against capitalism, com- 
mecialism, and consumerism. 


ACT: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Stu- 
dent Council FP: Wendy, Rick Thome, Tur- 
tle Pittsley, John White, Brian Connolly, 
LM, CB, JR, my family, TP PP: Period 1 
Chemistry class, JG, people who are two 
faced FM: Physics class, time spent with 
WD, '91 football team, 1990 Thanksgiving 
Day Game, '91 summer FG: become a law- 
yer, get married and have a family WT: 
make honor roll, gain weight 


ACT: Football (1, 2, 3, 4) Basketball (1, 2) Baseba 
11 (1, 2, 3, 4) FP: Mom, Dad, Tara, Family, JL, CH, 
RP, RJ, EJ, BG, JS, DF, SB, DP, DV, KP, MJ, MH, 
LS, MP, NH, MD, DP, RR, AL, JH, JR, JG, MS, 
PM, Football team and basketball team. PP: Peo- 
ple who think they are better than everybody 
else, A certain girl's evil side. FM: CH down- 
stairs, Times spent with JL, CH, Me and MS, with 
MR, Thanksgiving day game, 10th grade week- 
ends. FG: Have a good job, Wife kids and family 
and live happily ever after. WT: Make honors in 
high school. PA: My mother, my father, and my 


"Javin, Jav" 
ACT: Student Council (1,2,4) National Honors 
Society (2, 3, 4) Ice Hockey (2, 3) Yearbook (4) FP: 
Family, WP, JW, TP, RT, DB, LS, JH, JO, AE, PH, 
SW, LM, CB, CL, LB, WD, RG, EJ, and anyone I 
forgot PP: Attitudes, people kicking the back of 
my desk, those who think they know it all FM: 
Spanish 2, Scuds in Latin, Donkey B-Ball, Juni- 
orfest FG: To become successful and live a good 
life WT: Play football, and thank my parents for 
everything they have done for me PA: People who 
make the best of their lives FQ: "You've got to be 
kidding me" 


ACT: Cheerleading 1, Gymnastics (1,4) FP: 
Slow drivers, people who do not use a 
blinker, people who leave their blinkers on 
FM: When David first kissed me, 1989! July 
4, 1990, Aug 13, 1990? FG: Become an 
accountant, be happily married with 3 
kids, live in Florida, be rich. WT: Do the 
dishes, 4 years gymnastics, go to Aruba, 
drive a Mustang 5.0 PA: Madonna, my 
Mother FQ: "The beginning of love is to let 
those we love be perfectly themselves, and 
not to twist them to fit our own image 
otherwise we love only the reflection of 
ourselves we find in them!" - Thomas Mer- 


"Mel, Stix, Hopalong" 
ACT: S.A.D.D. FP: K.D., L.C., N.M., A.A., J.C., 
L.K., K.P., L.S., A.C., J.A., S.D., T.L., J.B., J.O. PP: 
Lies, Headgames FM: Summer of 90, getting lost 
in the woods with A.A, L.C., J.A., S.D., T.L., J.B., 
Working with everyone at The King Richards 
Faire. FG: To be the best that I can be in every 
situation. WT: Become a cheerleader. PA: Mom, 
Daddy, Joey, Stacey, Eric, Stephen, Grandma, 
Grandparents, Ms. Russle, NP: / want to thank 
my family and friends for everything you have 
done for me. I love you all! 


ACT: Hockey, watching Hockey FP: Moms, 
the big guy, Dad, Greg, Kim, Kelly, Scott, 
John, Phil, Kari, Shelley, Rich, Denny, Tim, 
Tori, Tim PP: When people get in my face, 
When I get blamed for something I didn't 
do FM: Lumpy at 4: 00 am, fishing w/ Scott 
& John, When me & Tim ran from nothing, 
Kari & Andy at the Spot FG: To be happy 
with life WT: Thank my mother for every- 
thing she's done for me 

"Bugsie, Boog, Boos, Jules" 
ACT: Cheerleading 1,2, 3, 4, Peer Leadership 3, 4, 
Softball 2, 3, 4, Model U.N. 3, 4, NM.S. 2, 3, 4, 
S.A.D.D. 1,2, 3, 4, Brainscribble 2, 3, 4, AFS 3, 4, 
Foreign Language Club 1,2, Yearbook 4, Math Team 
3, 4, Chess Team 4 FP: Mom, Dad, Mike, Erin and 
Family, Mark, Laureen, Karyn, Shannon, The "We's 
and Was", Everyone at the J.F. and CM., J.D., J.M., 
M.S., B.D., P.A., C.S., The Cheerleaders, Scott, The 
rest of you know who you are. PP: Being poked and 
prodded, Z.O.B. FM: 8-28-91 (after months of wait- 
ing), Nature's Classroom (6th grade), Camp 
Bourndale, Wildcat Mountain (1991), REMISSION, 
Shannon's eye glass case, Sleeping in the bathroom, 
Time spent with family, The night of Mike and the 
"FLATUNE", (etc.) FG: To find a cure for Cancer. 
WT: Stop thinking about Scott! PA: Brian, John, Jon, 
Melissa, Paul, the rest of the kids at J.F. , and anyone 
else who has had to fight for something as precious as 
their life. FQ: "I can complain because rose bushes 
have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have 
roses." -J. Kenfield Morley 


ACT: Football (1,2,4), Baseball (2), Bas- 
ketball (1, 2, 3, 4), Golf (1,3, 4) FP: Mom, 
Dad, Matt, Family, Fratus Family, DF, 
RG, RJ, RP, MP, MD, NH, GK, EJ, DV, DP, 
MH, MJ, LS, PC, SB, Football Team, Bas- 
ketball Team, and the rest of the people I 
forgot PP: Girls BS., fat chicks in spandex, 
FM: The time on the boat at the 10th grade 
cruise FG: To be a millionaire and be suc- 
cessful and have a kid and no wife WT: 
Have a party at my house and every person 
I know was there and had the best time of 
their life PA: Ozzy Ozbourne, Grandpar- 
ents FQ: "Flying high again", "you jerk", 
"sweet leaf, "whatever" 


"Felipe, Phil, Pill, Willy" 

ACT: Camera Club (1), Sadd (1, 2), Foreign Exchange (3) 
FP: Mom, Dad, Eddie, John, Andrea, Karyn, Thomas, 
Paul, Wade, Sarah, Megan, WD, CL, Jav, DB, ES, JD, SH, 
MR, BH, LS, BO, VS, AO, NQ, LR, IR, GS, MS, AS, BD, AS, 
SH PP: Not enough clothes, No Money, Lick Finger, JAG F 
M: Aquaboggen 90-PD, JH, AE; Equador 90-91; Flotel 
Orellana 91- Megan & Sarah; Galapagos; 8-10-90; 6-11- 
91; Colegio Caraenal Spellman; Columbia 90; Christmas 
90; Alinahui JNapo 91; July 4th- 88, 89, 90, 91, Boston; 
Vogue 91- Megan & Sarah; Bowling Banquet-PD, WL; 
Martha's Vineyard-90; Plaza de Toros 90-91; Needle 
Beach-BK; Mailing Andrea; Spanish 2- Miss Hiller; Mon- 
treal 90; Washington 88; Hawaii 88; 6-15-90 12:01 Dick 
Tracy- PD, AE, JH, EH, KG; Science Museum-90-PD, JH, 
AE; Take out the papers and the trash-8th FG: Become a 
U.S. Ambassador, A Rotarian President, An internation- 
al model of fashion, speak 10 languages, and have an 
intimate conversation with Madonna WT: Go to a Ma- 
donna Concert PA: Mom & Dad 


ACT: Track (2, 3, 4), Football (2,4), Basketball 
(2), Cross Country (1), Tennis (1), Model U.N., 
SADD (4) FP: Nana, Gramdpa, Family, KF, RP, 
RJ, BC, AL, GK, MP, Miss S., AP, KT, RG, KS, 
CH, EJ, SH, HT, HS, JH, BH, MC, AW, MH, AJ, LS, 
TM, MG, MD, RS, SD PP: Girls (everyone of 
them), Parents FM: Craig's House, Keith F. over 
Craig's house, undefeated track team, switch- 
aroo twins, trampoline over BR's house FG: To 
become a successful psychiatrist and get a front 
tooth WT: Strangle CJ, get a front tooth, play 
high school bsaketball, forgive DF alot sooner 
PA: John Gotti, Robert DiNero, Raymond Pa- 
triarca, True Americans, George Bush FQ: 
"America, love it or leave it", "One small step for 
man, one giant step for mankind" 


ACT: Football (2, 3, 4)-capt4, Basketball (1, 2, 3, 
4)-capt 3, 4, Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4), Peerleadership ( 
3, 4), Student Council (1,3), National Honor So- 
ciety (3, 4) FP: Mom, Nana, Grampa, Adam, An- 
drew, Family, Andy & Family, John & Family, 
Nicole, Lauren, Nini, Melon, EJ, R.J., R.P., Mr 
Murphy, Mr Green, D.F., H.F., Liz, J.H., R.K., 
BM., B.C., S.W., Senior Year Football Team. PP: 
Fighting With Girls. FM: Turkey Bowl, State 
Tourney, Summers '90,91; NCAA Champion- 
ships. FG: Good Job, Married, Have Kids, Play 
College Football. WT: Thank Mom, Nana, & 
Grampa for everything; Stop shacking; 
H.G.S.W.L.M. PA: Mom, Andy C, LM., 


"Ris, Rissa" 
ACT: Field Hockey, Shopping, Sleeping, Eating, 
FP: Dad, Mom, Family, Pam, Kristen, Seth, Me- 
lissa, Ricky, Denise, Lynn, Craig, Yon, Vanessa, 
Linehans, Eric, Mandy, Kym, Amuy, Alyssa, Jim- 
my, Matt, Lisa, Trade, Cherri, Brennan, Michael, 
Mark, Leigh, Kik, Toby, Ryan, Tara, Stephen, 
Shaun and anyone else I forgot PP: Ble 
eyeshadow, socks and shoes, insideout socks, peo- 
ple who get into someone else's business (DP) FM: 
7-17-90, summer of '90, horsebackriding 
w/Lynn (falling off). The cliff w / Melissa, Apple 
picking, The Endless night, New Hampshire, Bos- 
ton, 10-4-90, Butt Bum, Halloween, Seth's par- 
ties, Midnight dinners, jetskiing FG: To own my 
own day school, be right, to own 100 pairs of 
shoes, own a beamer WT: Thank my parents for 
everything they have ever done for me, Gowmm 
PA: My Aunt Tina FQ: "Standing on a hill with a 
mountain of dreams telling myself ifs not as 
hard as it seems." 


ACT: Peerleadership (3), Baseball (1, 2, 3, 
4) FP: Derek, Jay, Baseball Team PP: People 
who have no respect for the outdoors, and 
Nate FM: Fireworks at Dereks house, 7th 
grade, Bus ride to Nathaniel Morton 
School FG: To get into college, and get a 
good job PA: Baseball team, and coach 



ACT: Honor Society (2, 3, 4), A.F.S. (2, 3, 4), 
Future Problem Solving (3, 4), Drama Club 
(3, 4), Soccer (1,3, 4), X-Country (2) FP: 
Mom, Dad, 2 R.J.'s, grandparents, Karen, 
P.S., K.S., A.K., C.J., M.M., L.C. PP: Ar- 
rogance FM: N.A.S. Brats, Ford Fairlane, 
Saab, hole Patrol, Patriot Inn- 
breakfast breaks FG: Pilot WT: Travel, Ski 
PA: John Lennon, Tim Rice FQ: 
"Imagination is more important than 


FP: Dad, Margaret, George, Andy, KC, VP, 
LT, JP, EH, EM, MP, MR, CS, & Family PP: 
Liars & two-faced people FM: Camping at 
Wompatuck, Gaslines, New York City 
w/J.P., Mchasion Pond w/K.C, & CM., 
July 4th week, White Horse Beach, Summer 
'90 & '91 and many more PA: My mother 
FQ: "Jesus Christ" — George Jeddry 



ACT: Football (2, 3, 4), Basketball (1,2,3), Baseball (1, 2, 
3, 4), Vice President (4) FP: Mom, Dad, Tracy, Gina, 12th 
grade brigade (Rich, Craig, Ricky, Ryan) MM, P-J, MH, 
MP, MD, SB, DP, LS, Marissa, RT, JR, AL, CL, NH, Coach 
Murphy, Football Teams, Baseball Team, Steve P., "90" 
and "91" Seniors PP: Rumors, Ricky Johnson, LosingfM: 
Water hole '89/90/91, Times spend with MM, Prom 
Night with Gina, MM graduation party, Scuds in Latin 
study, My 10th grade year FG: To have a job I like and be 
successful WT: Tell Mom & Dad thanks for everything 
PA: fames Douglas Morrison FQ: "When the doors of 
perception are cleansed, man will see things as they really 
are, infinite." -William Blake "There are things known 
and things unknown and in between are the doors."- 
fames Douglas Morrison 


ACT: Softball (1, 2, 3, 4), Capt. (4), FP: Family, Jeff, 
Grandparents, Fletch, Karen, Shelley, Dawn, Denise, 
Lynn, fill, Holly, Riz, L.S., D.S., M.N., KM., Meg, Rene, 
Paul, R.P., P.D., John G., T.P., S.H., R.J., R.G., C.H., E.J., 
Softball Team '89, '90, '91, Mark + Vik, The Padula's, 
Seth, Mr.G., S.A., Class of '92 PP: Going to the gas 
station, liars, phony people, Ryan's conceitedness FM: 
Hitting the dog w/B.L., C.F., L.S., M.A., K.P., Riverside 
w/K.S., D.P., S.B., K.M.,., Braves w/K.P., J.P., K.S., 
Marshfield J.P., A.P., P.D., N.H. w/S.B., Fletch's death 
rides, The cliff, M.H., Atlantic City w/C.F., A.H., Soft- 
ball camp wJR.G., C.F., G.M., L.S., S-B Tourney, P-Toivn 
w/K.S., D.P., DS., S-B Team, being w/P.D., blind date 
w/C.F., Trivia w/Mark, Celtics game w/C.F., J. P., K.P., 
S/B/S/B, Prom, Beach shopping w/L.S. FG: To be very 
successful and rich, to live in a condo in B-hills, drive a 
Ferria WT: Tell my parents thanks for everything, make 
it past South Sectional Finals 


"Big Ebony, Kia" 
ACT: Band, Problem Solving, Drama Club, 
Model UN, FP: CO, KO, WD, LB, GF, KS, 
KP, JH, MG, AW, CL, RJ PP: Fake People, 
playing the piano, liars, zits, players FM: 
Southern Carolina summers, music camp 
FG: Dentistry, First Flute in the London 
Symphony /Orchestra WT: Never make a 
mistake in a flute lesson, go shopping at 
Sax Fifth Ave., Call the Donahue Show PA: 
My family, Mozart, Kuhlau FQ: "It's bet- 
ter not to have than to settle." - David 


"Ricky, Rick, Dick" 
ACT: Wrestling (2, 3, 4)-Capt,4, Football (2, 3, 
4), Model UN (3), Student Council (4) FP: Mom, 
Dad, Mandy, Famiuly, RP, RD, MR, CH, NH, 
RG, EJ, SH, MP, MH, BC, JH, Boo-Boo, AL, LS, 
MH, DV, MJ, LS, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Farrell, Dave 
Vining, Wresting Team, Football Team PP: Big 
Mouths, Backstabbers FM: All the time spent 
over Craigs house with buddies, MV with Ryan 
P, Lifting over the summer, senior year football 
games, childhood memories with Ryan D., White 
Horse Beach with Keith PA: Parents, Grand- 
parents WT: Thank my Mom & Dad for their love 
and guidance, win the Superbowl in Football, FG: 
To become a happy, successful business man, 
have two healthy kids and a caring, loving wife 
(want nothing to do with manual labor) 


"Gabe, Silk" 
ACT: Footbal (1, 2), Soccer (1,3, 4), Bas- 
ketball (1, 2, 3, 4) Track and Field (1, 2, 3, 
4) FP: Mom, Dad, Charlie, NH, BD, DF, 
CH, MD, MH, RP, RJ, RG, BC, EJ, SH, JR, 
RK, BP, PG, MS. PP: Loud obnoxious peo- 
ple, Stupid people, People who don't stop 
talking, Ignorance, People who think they 
are better than everyone else. FM: In New 
Bedford with Nigel and Billy, Summer of 
90 over Henderson's, New Hampshire with 
Henderson's, Time spent with Billy and 
Nigel summer of 89. FG: To beome a Sports 
Medicine Doctor or Police Officer. WT: 
Beat up Billy. PA: Grandmother, Mother, 
Father, Micheal Jordan. 


"Rob, Condor" 
ACT: Football (2, 3, 4), Track (2,4), basketball (2, 
3), Prom Committee FP: Mom, Dad, Scott, An- 

fela, Tanisha, rest of family, Heather M. Boo, 
atelynn, Mr. Murphy, Deb V., Tim, Amy, 
McPeck Family, Packard Family, Ross Family, 
Karri S., '91 Football Team, LS, DP, MW, NG, 
DK, LM, KP, CB, TS, PC, LK, Nana & Bub, 
Kathlyn PP: Fakes, people over the age of 65 
w /their licenses, school, snobs, complainers, 
Racism, 2 hour bus ride to Whittier during foot- 
ball FM: summer '90, Craig's house, Football 
"91" , Godfather for my niece FG: To be suc- 
cessful ana happy WT: Thank Mom and Dad for 
everything, Thank the Ross family for every- 
thing, Be w / Heather more than one night PA: 
Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Bo Jackson 

ACT: Recreational volleyball and base- 
ball, comic book collecting FP: Clint 
Eastwood, Charles Bronson PP: Mark 
(Sausage) Schofield FQ: Piers Anthony 


"Chris, Burton" 
ACT: Soccer 1,2, 3, 4 Capt. 4, ProbSolve 3, 4, 
AFS 3, 4, Band 4, Yearbook 4, NHS 3, 4, Model 
UN Boston New York FP: Mom Dad, Family, 
Lauren, Tombo, Fugnee, Steve-OJake, R.O., T.C., 
P.S., A.S., FM: Times with Lauren, Tom's cellar, 
Blue Hills, Beating Cohasset, Breakfast at the 
Patriot Inn, Drinking "Iced Tea" with Tom, Run- 
ning out of gas in the "65" Ford, Discussions 
with Mom, "RENLAU" FG: To Make a difference 
PP: SAT's, Answering machines. Car accidents 
WT: Play field hockey PA: Sir Thomas More, 
Timothy Rice, Dante, Leonardo DaVinci, Holden 
Caulfield, John Lennon, Jim Morrison FQ: "If the 
law is of such a nature that it requires you to be 
an agent of injustice to another, then I say, break 
the law." Henry David Thoreau 


ACT: Football (1, 2, 3, 4), Basketball (1, 2, 
3, 4) FP: Sandi, Mom, Dad, Butchie, Nana, 
Janeen, Kevin, Jarret, Tony P, Craig H, 
Shelly B, Dawn P, Denise V, Terry S, Mark 
O, Angus L, and the rest , you know who 
you are PP: People who try to be someone 
they're not FM: Oct 29, 1990, Prom Night 
(May 4, 1991), Hangin' out with Tony, 
lively conversations with Craig during 
study FG: Play professional football WT: 
Thank Mom and Dad for everything 
they've done for me PA: Peter Murphy NP: 
Thank Sandi for always being there. You 
have made my life so much better knowing 
that there is someone there for me. Thank 
you for helping me in school and life. I love 


ACT: Love to work with kids FP: Shannon, 
Barbara, Linda, Tina, Aunt, the rest of my 
friends, family, grandparents PP: when my 
sister is on the phone, two-faced people 
FM: Bob's party, 16th birthday party, 
Gene's birthday party FG: Have my own 
day care WT: Get all A's for once in a 
lifetime PA: my Aunt FQ: "Will you suc- 
ceed? Yes! You will, indeed (98 and 3/4 
percent guarenteed) Kid, You'll move 
mountaints" -Dr. Seuss' Oh The Places 
You'll Go! 


ACT: Golf FP: Vinnie Loungo PP: Putting 
things off to the last minute FM: 1991 
State Golf Qualifying Tournament FG: Air 
Force Firefighting WT: Play ice hockey on 
an organized team PA: Ray Borque, Andy 
Moog, Jack Nickalus. 


FP: Mom and Dad, MS, KB, KS, KL, PD, 
TR, TP, TW, AP PP: Little kids with at- 
titudes FM: Going to Florida FG: work, 
military, college WT: Get straight A's all 
through school PA: Tim Rice, Bushwackers, 
Paula Abdul FQ: "Ohhh" -Andrew Dice 
Clay "Dow" - Homer Simpson. 


"Duke" "Pit" 
ACT: Snowboarding FP: Matt, Anthony, 
Tony, Joe, Rick, Steve, Bree and Meg FM: 
Summer nights at Cooper's 


ACT: Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4) capt 4, Tennis (1, 2, 3, 4) 
capt 4, cheerleading 2, Nafl Honor Society (2, 3, 
4) VP 4, Foreign Language Club (1, 2) sec 2, 
School Comm. Rep 4, SADD (1, 2, 3, 4) FP: Fam- 
ily, Bobby, Bells, Greens, Hcilmses, Connolly's, 
Nana, Grampie, Mr. O, Mr. Farrell, Tonys, RB, 
JH, BK, Nathanial PP: Chocolate, books, Tighe's 
soccer clothes, Shannon, normal people, Doc FM: 
end of summer '91, stars at Keith's, cards at 
Brenaon's, hole-in-one, soccer busses, Amy's 
straw trick, Physics' Mickey Rebellion, soccer 
'89, '91 FG: Get a good job, get married, have 
kids WT: H/G/S/W/S/H PA: Flipper, SH FQ: 
"Wait a minute-l don't understand!" "Really?" 

VCT: Laying in the sun, aggrivating people 
FP: Family, Karri, Charlie, Donna, Dave, 
DC, MJ, KP, JZ, TS, DS, DV, NC, RP, DP, 
MN, TP PP: Waiting in lines, payphones, 
just about everyone under the sun FM: 
Meeting Timmy T with KS, DP, DV; Riv- 
erside with KS, MJ, SB, DP; becoming best 
friends with Karri, falling in love with 
Charlie FG: To own an Acura NSX WT: Get 
a job, thank everyone who inspired me in 
my life PA: Julia Roberts FQ: When Charlie 
says he loves me 


"Tee" "Mush" "Smiles" 
ACT: Skiing, eating FP: MS. HS. KK, TS, 
CS, MW, MP, ES, RT, RS, LP, CC, JT, JM, 
JV, LK, BB, AL, My brother and family, 
Mom and Dad Smith, work friends PP: 
Very slow drivers, snobs, inconsiderate 
people, those who don't shut off their di- 
rectional FM: Many times with Missy S, 
Summer '89, Tracy S' Sweet 16 birthday 
party, Missy S' 18th birthday party, July 
3rd FG: Graduate, be successful in own 
career, work with children, have a good life 
WT: Tell my friends exactly how much I 
care, be with a man in a Jacuzzi, save 
money PA: Missy, Todd, Parents FQ: "Its 
not fair" "Life's not fair" "Oh, man" 

"Suze Q" "Sue" 

ACT: Blood Drive Committee (1, 2, 3, 4), National Honor 
Society (2, 3, 4) sec 4, School Improvement Council Stu- 
dent Rep 3, Tennis (1, 2, 3, 4) capt 4, Basketball 1, 
Problem Solving (3, 4), Yearbook (1, 2), Camera Club 1, 
Student Council (2, 3), School Committee Rep 3, 4H Dog 
Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Basketball Manager (2, 3, 4), Community 
Service Club (2, 3, 4) FP: Karen, Shannon, JKm RB, An- 
gela, Jen A, Jen R, Wendy, BL, Karyn, Mom, Dad, Jen, 
Bob. LK PP: People that insult Dan Quale FM: Shannon's 
B-day in gym class, Retreat '91, "warsh", Tough Katoo- 
ties, "Twitterpated", debates in history FG: Lawyer; 
Supreme Court Justice FQ: "Do you not know, have you 
not heard? The Lord is the Everlasting God, the creator of 
the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, 
and his understanding, no one can fathom. He gives 
strength to the weary and increases the power of the 
weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men 
stumble and fall. But those who hope in the Lord will 
renew their strength. They will soar on wines like eagles; 
they will run ana not grow weary, they will walk and not 
be faint." — Isaiah 40: 28-31 



ACT: SADD, National Honor Society FP: Mom, Dad, 
Charlie, John, Mike, Chris, Chrissy, Moniaue, Kristen, 
Mary, SM, JA, Laurane, Meryl, Amy, Racheal, my whole 
family, Glen, Skip, Tiff, Nikki, Maya, Mr. F., ss, wd, Pat, 
Don PP: Being called honey", being told I'm too young, 
listening to someone brag, money, people telling me what 
to do and what to think, people who don't care, people 
who betray others, drunk drivers FM: Dancing on the car 
at midnight, walking in the woods, writing essays on the 
roof, walking, talks with brothers, exercising with KT, 
Christopher's birth, watching the stars, babysitting FG: 
Have a loving family of my own. Work with children in 
the fetid of psychology, write a novel. WT: Save enough 
money, play a sport, graduate with Kris PA: Kristen, 
Mary T., Rev. dinger, Lorraine, Robert Anastas, MADD 
FQ: "Rose leaves, when the rose is dead, are heaped for 
the beloved's bed; And so thy thoughts, when thou art 
gone, Love itself shall slumber on" -Percy Bysshe Shelly 
"Then God commanded, 'Let there be lighf-and light 
appeared" -Genesis 

ACT: foreign exchange program FP: Fam- 
ily, Sullivan family, Denise, Dawn, Diane, 
Shelley, Jenni, Japanese friends, Katie, 
Sonja, Jenn, Marilyn PP: Katie's mess!! An- 
imal's smell FM: I was making and playing 
music with my friends. When I went to the 
beach and met my boyfriend. Making 
friends in America. FG: To go far in life 
WT: Make my nose higher PA: Parents, 
Babysitters (because I don't like it-ifs 
hard work!!) NP: I love dictionary, I want 
dictionary, I need dictionary, I can't live 
without my English-Japanese dictionary. 


ACT: field hockey (2, 3), SADD (3, 4), Newspaper 
4, Peerleadership, Prom Committee '91, Senior 
Show, Senior Breakfast, Senior fashion show FP: 
Janette, Vinnie, Mom, Dad, Aunt Jean, Family, 
Dawn P, Tina P, Carey zC, Kristen W, LS, DV, 
SB, ES, MJ, KP, KS, KM, RT, JB, LB, DB, GH, KH, 
JN, JR, SH, MC, DS, all the kids in sped summer 
camp PP: fakes, two-faced people, fat people, 
guys in spandex FM: summer '90, '91; Halloween 
'91, Foxboro with Dawn FG: Become rich, 
healthy, and happy WT: Fhank Mom and Aunt 
Jean for everything and tell them that I love them 
NP: I'd like to wish all the members of the grad- 
uating class of '92 and all the students at CHS all 
the luck in the future. 


"Fraggle, Thumper" 
CT: Drama Club, School Newspaper FP: Mom, 
Dad, Garrett, JG, SW, DJ, BB, JB, DP, FC, MS, 
SP, P andB R, JM, Veracity, Dread, Impact, In- 
cursion, Boog, YG people PP: Busy signals, math, 
arrogant people FM: CAPE 88-89, 4-14-90, Bon- 
fires, WOW, Weekends with my sisters, The 
night of the living T.V., Studios, Deringers, F- 
Brutal, 6/28/89, 10/13/90, the times at the 
beaches, all the times I spent w/my family and 
friends, Plymouth North FG: To live a happy life 
surronded by music and love WT: Go deep sea 
diving PA: My family and my true friends FQ: 
"I'm not ashamed to say a tear is in my eye, 
because another tear will take its place before I 
die" NP: With the people I love and when I'm 
Rockin' I would just like to say I MADE IT! 
Thank you so much to my family and to all the 
people who keep me strong. All the experience 
that have brought me to this place in life will live 
in my heart forever. Yee-haH 

ACT: Drums, Wrestling FG: Famous Musi- 
can FP: Maggie K, Mike Z, Zac L, Paul D, 
Karen P, Michael C, Ben D, Wenham Crue 
PA: Neil Peart, John Bonham PP: People 
who act like someone their not, People who 
say they are going to something and don't. 

ACT: Wrestling (1, 2, 3, 4) Capt. (4), Football (1, 
2, 3, 4) Capt. (4),Track (2,4) FP: Mom, Dad, Nikki, 
Jenny, Denise, RJ, RK, TM, NH, CH, RG, EJ, SH, 
MP, AL, JH, HT, Boo-Boo, GK, BM, BC, JS, DJ, 
JC, Jh, MJ, LS, KP, IS, CS, KM, DP, SA, MC, AP, 
Wrestling Team, Football Team PP: lies FM: 
S/T/W/D Craig's house, Time w /Buddies, Tur- 
key Bowl, Wrestling Team, Paint Pellets, lifting 
w/RJ, Martha's Vineyard FG: be rich and suc- 
cessful businessman WT: beat up Ricky, beat 
Bergeron PA: family, Elvis. 


From the beginning we knew it would not last-HUSKER 
DU.To all my friends, I bid you farewell. THE CURE 
HUSKER DU. The memories that I will always cherish, 
The Merry Wives experience where 1 meet ]osh,]ason,Mar 
c,Matt,Mike, that was the greatest.NINE INCH NAILS 
STONE ROSES.To Bree-my undying love and gratitudes 
kipping 4th per. to talk wl Matt. 360 of fun 
Tony P.-were always the 2 stooges.A CLOCKWORK OR- 
ANGE.The P-town experience with Hurley, Josh,Jason,An 
dy,Marc,Matt that I have taped.Snowboarding.Grateful 
Dead w/ Hurley. Loolapaloza w/ every one, the watermel- 
on helmet. Swedish Ski Patrol.MINOR THREAT HOO- 
DOO GURUS.Teeny Bop crew.Nights over A-rons.That 
which does not kill us makes us stronger-NlETZSCHE.Ea 
ting at subway with no money-thanks Marc.Also chasing 
Marc and pulling a Dukes of Hazard at SOmph.The tram- 



ACT: Softball (1, 2, 3, 4), Soccer (3, 4) Capt.4, Field 
Hockey 2, Breakfast Committee 4 FP: Mom, Dad, Billy, 
Wayne, Mo, Diane, Nana, Shelley and family, Denise and 
family, ronnie and family, Joshua, Donna, farr, Meg, 
Ashley and family, my whole family, Liz, Fletch, Mart- 
ann and family, Karen, Lynn, Diane, Jill, Gina, Tonster, 
Seth, Moril, Maya, RG, MH, CH, AJ, RL, PG, SA, TB, LS, 
KM, KS, the class of "92" and everyone else I forgot. FG: 
to become a dental hygentist and marry Ronnie Drapeau 
WT: to tell my family and freinds Thankyou for every- 
thing and 1 love them! Fly in a hot air ballon, and S.G..B 
and M.N. PP: being lazy FM: At the beach w/SB, DU, GB, 
being w /family and friends, also Ronnie, Riverside SB, 
MJ, CS, KM, Billy and Mo's wedding, Timmy "T", DV, 
CS, KM, Foxboro MN, Halloween Fletch of ''90", skiing 
w/Dad, Bill, DI, Fierras, going to Florida w/Mom, 
Wayne, Sa, and softball, soccer w/KP, Feb. vacation 
"90" FQ: "SuckerrrU!" NP: to the class of "92" I wish you 
all the luck and love in the world. Good Luck! 


"Jenni, JJ, or Jen" 
ACT: Quad riding, dancing, SWI FP: Todd, 
Brenda, Michelle, Jessica, Marisue, Andrea, Jack- 
ie PP: people with no respect FM: summer of 
"88", Andy's going away party, 16th B-day FG: 
Marry Todd, live in California and model WT: 
Move to Barstow, CA. w/my Uncle PA: Mom, 
Dad, my sister FQ: "What's Up" NP: My biggest 
goal is to succeed in my modeling career. I hope 
tp be on the cover of "Seventeen" Magazine some- 
day. In the past, everything I wanted to achieve, I 
did. I hope to achieve my biggest goal. I will not 
give up until I do. 


Darktnan, Tony 
ACT: Student Council (1, 2, 3, 4), Football 
1, Baseball (1, 2), SADD (1, 2), Peerlaeder 
1, Peer Mentor 1, National Honor Society 
(3, 4), Foreign Language Club (1, 2) FP: RL, 
WP, LM, DB, CF, NS, JP, Senior year Stu- 
dent Council PP: Junior Year Student 
Council FM: 8th grade Washington trip, 
winning my first election FG: High School 
(US. History teacher) WT: Have a good 
time at my Junior Prom PA: Mother, sister, 
Mr. Green FQ: "If we dream it, it can be 
done" -Robert Anastas 

ACT: V-football (3, 4), JV-basketball 2, JV- 
baseball 2, Ice Hockey, riding motorcycles FP: 
Kim, Mom, Dad, sisters and brothers, BC, KT, JB, 
TW, JW, DD, RH, Jav, CB, MJ, DP, SB PP: 
Flamers and skateboarders. Busy signal on tele- 
phone. FM: meeting Kim, when I asked Kim out 8- 
19-91, Thanksgiving football game 1990, down 
the waterfront, summer "91" FG: playing sports 
in college and getting a major in engineering, and 
then getting married to Kim and having kids WT: 
make the honor roll and do good in school PA: 
Kim, Bruce Smith FQ: herpicnugan, Yo! Wallie 
where's the Beav NF: For me and Kim to last 
forever. And to have a nice life together. And for 
me and Kim to last forever so I don't have to 
change anything I wrote. 


ACT: Weightlifting FP: R.P., AI>., L.P., 
M.W., D.B., J.R., B.C., J.S., N.S. PP: School 
work, splitting wood FM: When I met 
Michelle FG: Architecture PA: Arnold 
Schwartznegger FQ: "Aye" 


"Kik, Chief 

ACT: Soccer (2,3,cap.4), Bkbl (2, 3, 4), Tutor 2, H.coming 
comm, Sr show FP: Mom, Dad, Chuck, Lisa, Jill, Karen, 
rest of family, Gina H., Melissa J., Diane S., Christine F., 
Lynn S., Dawn P., Michelle C, Marissa H., Denise V., 
Shelley B., Bensons, Sherry A., Karri S., Kelly M., Charlie 
W., Lauren S., Heather S., Holly K., Megan S., Jen B., 
Helayne, Mazi, Carol C, Pam C, Heidi P., Melissa W., 
Jeffrey, Gaule, Alice, Anne, Hills, Simlers, Fletchers, 
Sinkeys, Johnsons, Lynn's grandparents, Andrea, Mrs. 
Simeone, Mr. Tighe, Mr. Noyes, Soccer team, CI. of 92 PP: 
busy signals, span., R.P.'s Jill's driving, 2-faced people, 
rumors FM: Celtics game wl J C, meeting Robert Parish, 
Driving times w/ C.F., Helayne's Humpty Dance, grow- 
ing w I Gina, Nutcracker w] Lynn, ski w/ Lynn, Laugh 
w/ melissa, soccer w/ Dawn, T W B, times in Boston, 
Heidi's songs, Erin's FUNNY jokes!!, times w/ friend + 
family, visit grandmother, and Wendy's mark stories FG: 
to col., successful in whatever I choose, get married, have 
kids WT: tell parents their the best, and I love them, stay 
on diet for more than a week PA: Robert Parish 



Student Gov. 4, Drama Club (3, 4), F.P.S. (3, 4), Gym- 
nastics 2, Model U.N. (3, 4), Yearbook 4, Nat. Art Honor 
Society 3 "It's not like you said it was, it's nothing like 
you said it was." What can I say, ifs been great. Thanks 
to God, my family, Pam (always), her family, jason,eric, 
josh, matt, phil, mark, tonster, mike, ericksons, mrs. s, 
neighbors, it's too hard to thank everyone. "The world is 
loaded, it's lit to pop and nobody is gonna stop." janes 
addiction. Lennon. The future is open wide" but hope- 
fully there is money in it for me. Pam, beb, I'll always 
Love you, and I'll always remembe^ 5-15-90, my first 
walk on the moon, (movies + dinner) It has been, and 
always will be the time of my life. "I really believe that 
this time ifs forever."the cure. "Now I can't go back." 
(desc.) s/f/s. "Oh no I've said too much, I haven't said 
enough, r.e.m. Ifs been fun, now off I go . "If you see me 
getting mighty, if you see me getting high, knock me 
down. I'm not bigger than life."r.h.c.p. Thank you every- 
one. Now it is my turn, lets see how I do. "The world is 
but canvas to our imaginations." Henry David Thoreau 



ACT: Peerleadership (1, 2, 3, 4), Track/ field (1, 2 
, 3, 4), AFS (2, 3, 4)Problem Solving (3, 4)Manager 
Basketball (2, 3), National Honor Society (2, 3, 4), 
Drama Club (3, 4) FP: Mom, DJ, MP, Dad, Russ, 
EP, JP, LP, BK, SK, RP, LB, JC, BE, KS, SM, CL, 
NB, TF, ES, Dow, and everyone else you know 
who you are! PP: crickets FM: Terebitha, Ford 
ran out of gas, and CL, LB, RJ, KP, KS, and AL 
couldn't get into school, PH and BE in Vermont 
FG: travel to Greece, become a math teacher PA: 
Julia Roberts, Dow, James Dean 



ACT: National History Day, Science Fair, archery, guitar 
playing, coin and stamp collecting, and collecting po- 
litical memorabilia FP: my parents, my aunt, and my 
uncle PP: impatient drivers and expensive, skimpy meals 
at high class restaurants FM: interviewing Margaret 
Chase Smith and Steven Jay Gould, shaking hands with 
Jesse Jackson, and getting my first dog FG: Ph. D in 
political science, a professorship, and charting a course of 
democracy and morality WT: fencing and taking archery 
lessons from Fred Bean PA: My parents, Margaret Chase 
Smith, Jonas Salk, Thomas Edison, Ghandi, Thoreau, 
Martin Luther King, and Walter Reed FQ: "That gov- 
ernment which governs least governs best." — Henry 
David Thoreau NP: To the class of 1992- Well, so its 
finally over, twelve years of mental boot camp. I call it 
boot camp becuase ifs just the beginning of the long 
process of education involved in life. My years with you 
shaped my amorphous, one- dimensional brain into a mu- 
tilated organ. I'll never forget the fond times that were 
products of your unique personalities. Well, I guess I'd 
better not make this too long. It wouldn't be prudent at 
this juncture. Goodbye, good luck, and God bless the 
Class of 1992. 


FP: CC, TG, JB, SF, JT, WD, BB, AL, LF, PF, 
LP, JG PP: TP and snobby people, FM: 
When I came to this school last year FG: To 
become a legal secretary, WT: Be a lawyer 
PA: TG FQ: "Queer", "Shutup" 


"JR, Ross, Johnny" 
ACT: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Stu- 
dent Council, Model UN FP: Family, Tori 
Bori, Jen, Scott, Lauren, Jody, Juice, Kris- 
ten, Flipping Eggroll, Robbie, Christine, 
Chief Pos, Karri, Mom Holmes, The King 
family, JL, RC, EJ, RJ, and all the rest I 
forgot PP: Foreign Language, rumors, fish- 
ing FM: Chem 1 Posse 1990, Turkey Day, 
Times with friends FG: To do something 
with my life (and Lauren Smolinsky be- 
cause she said I wouldn't put it in WT: 
Thank my family for everything and Mom 
Holmes and the King family for taking me 
in all the time PA: People who have a clue 
to what they are doing after Carver High 


"Kev, Boo-Boo" 
FP: VL, KL, MS, PD, TW, WS, AP, MM, TR, 
SK, DP, KB, AH, SB PP: BAd grade, lousey 
teachers, feeling left out, AL FM: Drivers 
Ed, Allen's, Tom's and Keith's driving 
Tim's Carsenio, Tom's "Meow", Van's foot, 
Cape Cod FG: Get my Associates in the Air 
Force, then go on to get my Masters in 
Psychology in College WT: Join more high 
school activities, Do one assignment with- 
out "Screwing it up", Get a 1400 on SAT's 
FQ: "J love if, "Screwed up again", "Yes" 


"Sausage, Scho" 
FP: Mom, Sis, V.L., A.L., T.W., K.B., K.S., 
P.D. PP: Little kids with attitudes FM: My 
sister driving through the post office FG: 
Happiness FQ: "Not", "I think we have a 
problem", "Oh, that would be me" 


ACT: Field Hockey (2, 3, 4), Softball (1,2,3), Basketball 
(2)-Manager 3, 4, FP: Mom, Dad, Julie, Aunt Mary and 
the rest of the family, Derek and Family, Devon and 
Mom, Karyn, Sherry, Jen and family, GS, AE, GF, JM, LH, 
JH, JR and the field hockey team PP: The dark, Saying 
stupid things, Not being trusted FM: The Prom 1991, 
Going to see "Boyz in the Hood" with Derek and Jason, 
Thursday night bonding, summers in Plympton, adven- 
tures with AE, Going to the Keith Sweat concert and 
making it here alive, New Hampshire, Dennisport with 
DP and SA, April 12, 1991, Fashion shows withGina, 
Facials with SA and KS, Derek with 1 hour sleep, working 
at the greenhouse, fieldhockey camp, camping out with 
GS ana IS FG: To got to college, suceed in my career, get 
married and live happily forever WT: Try my hardest in 
school, Thank my parents for everything I can't thank 
them enough. Be organized PA: My parents and grand- 
parents, people who sleep in. 

"Shica, BO" 
ACT Homecoming Committee (decorating), 
Babysitting FP Elise S., Lisa K., Marc F., 
Jen S., Angie L., Marc O., Jay H., Heather 
S., Michelle W., Marrianne W., PP people 
who touch my stuff, the word "what", peo- 
ple who put napkins in glasses, cold toilet 
seats, FM camping with EJS.JJS.JP.C, the 
phone with G£., JJi., 16th b-day, Summer 
89, New Years 91, The Pitt, my cellar FG to 
be successful and become a teacher WT 
own my own car, make people understand, 
say thank you PA Mom Robert, Jason, Billy 
W ., school nurse, Mr. Hatch, Ms. Gill, 
thanks FQ "Another day above ground is a 
good day." 

"Will, Use" 
ACT: Cheerleading-Capt. (3, 4), Track (1, 
2, 3, 4), Gymnastics (1, 2) Student Council 
(3, 4), Skiing (1, 2, 3, 4), Town Softball (1, 2) 
FP: Jen, Krista, Brian, Mark, Mrs.B, TS., 
TM., WD., B.C., MJ., V.B., MB., J J.., 
CJ., B.D., Cheerleading Squad PP: Fin- 
gernail files, rumors FM: Pond St. 
w/W.D., Brian's house w/Jen, Jen G., 
Krista, Mike, Snow!, Tracy's sweet 16 par- 
ty FG: Go to college, own small business, 
get married to rich, handsome guy WT: Get 
my permit, ride in a balloon, eat anchoive 
pizza PA: Scott Simmons, Stevie B., Mrs. 
B., FQ: "If you dream it, it can be done!" 


Junior year peer leaders, yearbook staff, Black arm 
bands. The close group of people at various houses. The 
Gazobo, The Monument, Boston creme pie donuts, Look- 
ing at the world through compound eyes. 
"Full circle, from the tomb of the womb to the womb of 
the tomb, we come: an ambiguous enigmatical incursion 
into a world of solid matter that is soon to melt from us 
like the substance of a dream." (Joseph Cambell) 12 years 
gone but not forgotten and I have survived. "That which 
does not kill you, makes you stronger." (F .W Jsietzsche) I 
will surely remember the individuals, and hope the mem- 
ories are kept in your mind too. "I wondered when this 
would happen again/'Sow I watch that red line, reach 
that number again /The blood in our veins and the brains 
in our heads . . ." (Siouxsie and the Banshees, 92 degrees) 
We are all fortunate to have made it this far after being 
thrust into society at such a young age, unsure of the 
world. "You don't have alot of time or restive moments to 
relish your position. We're vulnerable. The only thing 
thats solid is our own creativity." (Chris Cor- 
nell, Soundgat den) I hope all of you never give up hope 
even when it seems easiest. Don't let the rest of the world 
get you down, don't cop out. "Each of us can outflank our 
fears, outgrow our prejudices, outlast our troubles, out- 
wit our worries, outlive our critics, and outlove our 
enemies" (William Arthur Ward) 


ACT: Prom Committee, Cheerleading (4), Dance, 
Drum Lessons, Student Council (1), Shopping FP: 
Mom, Dave, Dad, Pat, Chris, Dennis, Kelly, The 
Meachens, K.P., JS., RJ(., J.R., D.S., J.S., K.B., 
B.C., M.J. PP: Getting my hair pulled, when peo- 
ple cut me off then drive slow, being critisized, 
having no money FM: Riverside w/KM., M.}., 
S.B., D.P., Carver Dance Center, Met Jimmy T., 
Times spent w /Dennis, All the good times 
w /Kelly, Brutus FG: Someday to have a Mit- 
subishi 3000GT, To enjoy life, Me and Kelly are 
always best friends WT: Jump onstage at a con- 
cert FQ: "I can do anything I want, I'm not lost", 
"Dreams come true for those who work while 
they dream." 


FP: Mom, Dad, Elizabeth, family, Christine, Kim, Aman- 
da, Jill, Melissa, Diane, Karen, Sherry, Dawn, Denise, 
Shelly, Marissa, Lauren, Bensons, Melanie, Suzanne, Mrs. 
Simeone, Shaun, Angus, Ricky, Ryan, Craig, Rich, Danny, 
John, Mike, Wes Walz, Bob, Mackenzies, Torrances, Pres- 
ton family, Diane's Parents, Lofasos, the rest of my 
friends, class of '92 PP: repeated Marc and Eric stories, 
ex-boyfriends, Richard Hanna working FM: Meeting Wes 
Walz, Bruins, Andrea's wedding. Summer '90, Xutcrack- 
er with Karen and my family, skiing with Karen, falling 
off the horse in front of a party on the beach with 
Marissa, hitting the dog with CF, KP, MJ, MH, Bl, 
Raspberry picking, sauna, midnight trips to Christine's, 
all the times spent with my family and friends FG: go to 
college, be successful in nursing, get married, have a 
family (W/W W), get Bruins season tickets WT: Thank 
my parents and let them know how much I appreciate all 
they do. 


ACT: Softball MGR (1, 2), Tutor (2) FP: Mom, Dad, Mike, 
Sue, Jo, Aunt Jan, Kurt, Bensons, Prestons, Alice, Gayle, 
Anne, Jeff, Lynn, MarkD., Malissa, Dawn, Denise, Shel- 
ley, Lauren, Marissa, Pam, Mark, Stas, Sherri, all the rest 
of you FM: Driving across country w/ family, the many 
stays in Roslindayle, canoe trips and falling in the 
Charles River, New Years Eve 91, April Vac. 90, Summer 
90 w/HB up in Boston, Driving around LTGMw/Kp and 
JP, cooking class w/WB, MD, SS, RL, Rasperry picking 
PP: Triangles, Jill and Gaules rude mood swings, Alices 
depressed moods cuz of Eddie, Karen's silent treatments, 
Heidi's pregnant excuses, Wendy's Mark stories, Erin and 
Dennis fights PA: My brother FQ: "The future belongs to 
those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" "The 
secret of happiness is not doing what one likes but liking 
what one does" NP: One ship drives East/ And another 
West/ While the Self-Some/ breezes blow/ 'Tis the set of 
the sail and not the gale/ That bids them where to go 


"Kim, Kitribly, Kimmie" 
ACT: field hockey 1, tennis manager, prom 
committee 3 FG: To be happy with what 
life gives me FP: My family, Alex, Alex's 
family, Karen, Russ, Gretchen, Lauren, 
Wendy, Nikia, Briget and Shane, Lago, CL, 
TC, MK, DP, SG, DF FM: Poison (3), Tesla 
(2), Warrent (2),and Great White w/Alex, 
Queensryche with Russ and Tom, Lago's 
party" 90" , Boston w/Russ, Karen and 
Tom, Halloween "89" and"90" w/ karen, 
Russ and Wendy, when Russ drove away 
after Karen fell out of the truck and I was 
1/2 in w/ 1 leg dragging along the street 
PP: conceited people with inflated heads 
WT: Get my $85 from Tom for limo PA: 
People who dare to be different 


"Loop, La" 
ACT: Field Hockey (2, 3, 4)-Capt.4, Basketball 
(1,2,3), Softball (1, 2, 3, 4)-Capt.3, 4, Peer Lead- 
ership (3, 4), National Honor Society (3, 4), Stu- 
dent Council (2, 3, 4) FP: Mom, Dad, Jody, Kara 
and Rest of family, Grennells, Gina M., Renee G., 
Melissa J., Tori S., Rick T. r Ricky J., John R., Scott 
H., Ryan P., Nigel H., Danny G., Bobby Pa., 
Denny F., Mariann N., Lynn S., Fletch, Denise V., 
Bill H., Ryan D., Mike P., and anyone else I 
forgot PP: June Bugs, Too much makeup, FM: 
Softball Season '89, '90, '91 and the best is yet to 
come. Softball camp summer of '89, Summers 
with Gina and Renee and Summers at Wal- 
lyworld FG: To be rich and happily married with 
2 kids and a Lexus Coupe WT: Thank my parents 
for everything they've ever given me — THANK 
YOU, Make it past the State Finals in softball. 
Tell my sister that I'm sorry for the accident. PA: 
My Grandparents, John F. Kennedy FQ: 
"Winning isn't everything- it's the only thing." 


"Jason, Jay" 
ACT: Football 1, Golf (1, 2), Tennis (3, 4) FP: 
Mom, Dad, Jan, Adam, Stacey, Heidi, Laurie, 
Matt, Amanda, Family, NS, BC, DS, RG, RP, RJ, 
EJ, BP, DV, SB, DP, KP, KD, MF, LS, SP, KS, KM, 
LH PP: bad drivers, people who try to act like 
someone their not, flag burners FM: The summer 
of "91", camping with BC, DS, BP (IGA), ski 
trips, arguing with brian and proving him wrong 
FG: To be successful in whatever field I choose, 
and not have to worry about money, have a nice 
car and house, travel WT: earn lots of money 
during high school, fix up my car, do track and 
field in H.S., PA: my father and mother, desert 
storm troops FQ: "Your such an idiot" -JS NP: To 
the class of "92"-good luck with your future 
plans in life. 


"Nory, Bert, Norby, Stybs, Styba, Nor, 
Norm, Boy" 

ACT: Baseball (1), Tennis (2, 3, 4JAFS (3) FP: My f amity, 
JS, BC, Df, TP, KD, BP, fP, SP, EJ, DB, Mr. Green, Mr. C., 
Rest of the school PP: Fat people who order a large Hot 
Fudge Sundae and then order a Diet Coke, Non-patriotic 
people, Flag Burners FM: Moped crash, Buttermilk Bay, 
Cruising on Fridays, Ski trips, freshman baseball, Green 
Nova, Tennis, Red Sox games, Junior Skip day, summer of 
'91, 8th grade Washington trip, and everything I forget 
FG: Do everything I want to do in life. Have a job that I 
enjoy, have a good family and be well off financially WT: 
Play H.S. football, have a fast car, take a trip around the 
U.S. with D.J. PA: My grandfather, my parents, Larry 
Bird for his toughness, Mike Myers FQ: "Mr. Gorbachev 
if you are serious about freedom and democracy, tear 
down this wallf'-Ronald Reagan 


"D.J., Sweets, Fonz." 
ACT: Baseball (1), Tennis (2, 3, 4), AFS (3) FP: 
Mom & Dad, BC, JS, NS, JC, KF, BP, DB, TP, NH, 
BK, RP, RT PP: Flag Burners, Fat people in 
spandex, Bob's, Jaba's and Pinnochio's FM: But- 
termilk Bay, NH camping trip with BC, JS, and 
BP, 8th grade Washington Trip, Fake hand with 
KF FG: Travel around the world, get a college 
education, good job with lots of money WT: Play 
H.S. basketball, high honors, B.C.C.A., Drive 
cross-country with NS, Go to Celtics game with 
BC PA: My mother and Father, J. Gotti, Desert 
Storm Veterans Pres.Bush FQ: "D.T.A." by B.C. 
and Peacaroni by Keith F 


FP: mom, dad, family, BB, WD, CC, GM, 
PF, SI. FQ: I/W/T/F/P 




ACT: Football (3,4), Wrestling (3,4,Capt), Peer Lead- 
ership (3,4), SADD (3,4), Student Council (2,3,4) FP: B.C., 
Turtle, Bake, Lumpy, Juan Bobo, Sky PP: Foreign Lan- 

Siages (Spanish,Lattn) FM: Papa's, Chem. 1 Posse, Fags R 
s,Herpegneugen FG: Survive College, get married, have 
kids and become rich. WT: Grow PA: Mom,Dad,Teachers 
FQ: "Those people who tell you not to take chances, they 
are all missing on what life's about. You only live once so 
take hold of the chance, don't end up like others same 
song and dance." — Metallica 


"Bren, Brandan" 

ACT: Piano, Basketball, Modeling FP: Andy McClain, 
Jenni Pike, Sara Strout, Mike Williams, Tom O'Horo, 
Tammy McGrath PP: Snobby People FM: Summer of '90, 
Junior Prom w/Tom FG: Be successful in modeling and 
have a career in psychology WT: Go out with EJ PA: Mom 
& Dad NP: Tom — Thanks for all the good times we had. 
I'll never forget you. 

"Dee, C.C., Niece" 

ACT: Softball 1,2, Soccer Manager 3, SA.D.D. 1 FP: 
Family, Roger, Dawn, Shelley, Ryan, Craig, MJ, CF, SG, 
MH, JS, BC, MH, LS, CS, KM, RL, SA, Maya, RJ, DS, RG, 
MO, AL, KP, JP, CJ, MP, TB, Pierce Family, Burgin 
Family (David), Packard Family, Cordeiro Family, 
Everybody else I care about. FG: Go to college, become a 
nurse, get married and be a wonderful mother, just like 
mine. Be Happy! FM: The beach with Dawn, Shelley, and 
Gail, Spending time with Ryan, Timmy T with Kelly, 
Karri, and Dawn, Conversations with Craig, February 
vacation of '89, night out with JS, SA, NS, Florida with 
my Dad, M/B/W/R WT: H/S/T/B/W/R, Tell my 
friends and family thank-you for being there and being so 
patient with me. 

"We have built our foundations 
with our yesterdays; we will 
create the house of our future 
with our tomorrows/' 

— Anonymous 


ACT: National Honor Society 3, Soccer 3, Basketball 
(3,4), Softball 3, Track 4 FP: Family, Tony F, Castana's, 
Sue Mott FG: To do well in college and have a successful 
career in the medical field, live in Chicago, own a truck 
and a yellow dog PA: Michael Jordan, Mr, Webster FQ: 
"The instability of human love" — Cyrano DeBergerac 
"Anyway you want it, thafs the way you need it." — 
Journey "It 's what 1 like to do." — Michael Jordan 



ACT: Art FP: Dad, Mom, Family, Ryan, Squid, Ricky, 
Turtle, Skibud, DM, Melon, AM, CL, Jav, Heffy, DB, PP: 
Morning people, Morons FM: Beach, Rt.l, Playgrounds, 
skiing with skibud, Joe 4 am, Lunch 90-91 FG: Art school, 
skiing, family, fix my car (not repaint it) WT: Ski out 
west, skydive PA: Anyone original or themselves FQ: "J 
can see through mountains, watch me disappear, I can 
even touch the sky, Swallowing colors of the sounds I 
hear, Am 1 just a crazy guy." — You bet . . . Ozzy 



Roses, Hairy 

ACT: Basketball, work 

FP: B.P., D.P., HS., DJ>„ H.B., A.P., and everyone else 

PP: "Not" 

FM 8th grade Washington trip 

FG; Become rich, own a car, become a Marine 

WD: Keep a car long, play football 

PA: Lou Brutus, Larry Bird, San Fran 49ers 


Airat, Kent, Zmei 

ACT: Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball 

FP: Victor Tsoi, Michael Jordan, Doc Swanson 

PP: No snow days during the whole school year 

FM: Going back home after being atony from home for 7 


FG: Make a lot of money, to get my education and to 

travel a lot 

WD: to go to Australia 

PA: Saknarov 

FQ: "To be or not to be" Shakespeare 

It sounds strange, but now, I really have tivo homes. 
It's funny when I think in two languages. I enjoy staying 
here and I think America is axvesome! 

Kev, Spock 

ACT: Sports, Art, Camera Club 
FP: WS„ MM., DC, Family and Trie 
PP: My procrastination habit, child abuse, tailgaters, 
physicals, narcissistic people, "attitudes" 
FM: Washington D.C., Drivers Ed., our driving adven- 
tures, Florida, Tim's Carsenio 

FG: Get an Associated degree in the Army, then get my 
Master's of University of Miami in Atmospheric science. 
Help create solutions to our environmental problems. 
Travel around the world. 

WD: Get a 1680 on a SAT. drive on the Autobahn, 
completely understand. 

PA: Anyone who is satisfied with what they've got and 
does not care what other people think of them. 
FQ: "A stone by any other name is a rock," Doc; "Thus, 
conscience makes cmoards of us all." Shakespeare 

For every ending, 

there's a new beginning, 

a chance to set new goals, 

to dream new dreams, 

to rekindle the hope in our hearts. 

For endings are a way, 

of rediscovering ourselves, 

of learning who we are, 

and what we need in life, 

of finding out where we want to go, 

and who we want to be. 






"Individualism is rather like innocence; there must 
be something unconscious about it." — Louis 

Most Athletic — Scott Holmes and 
Lauren Smolinsky 

"When one masters the skill of a 
given sport, the athlete becomes an 
artist, and the playing field is that 
athlete's canvas." — Anonymous 


"A true leader is one that fo 
lows." — Tony Pina 
"Take me as I am, see me ft 
what I am, believe that I am . 
and I will be." — Jen Adams 

Best Personality — Elaine 
Schwotzer and Eric Johnson 

"Those who produce works 
of genius make use of their 
personality as of a mirror." 
— Anonymous 

Most likely to Succeed — Tim 
Rice and Susan Mott 

"To win without risk is to 
triumph without glory." — 

Most Talkative: Denise Vieu and Andy Lebel 
"Speech is civilization itself. The word, even the 
most contradictious word, preserves contact — it 
is silence which isolates." — Tomas Mann 

Most Creative: Tony Ciavarro and Karri Shores 
"The creative person is both more primitive and more 
cultivated, a lot madder and a lot saner, than the 
average person." — Frank Barron 

Most Gullible: Laureen Mazalewski and 
Eric Johnson 
"Hope is the only good thing disillusion 
respects." — Vauvenargues 

Most Flirtatious: Elise Senior and Rob 
"Flirtation is merely an expression of con- 
sidered desire coupled with an admission 
of its impracticability." — Marya Mannes 

Best couple: Lauren Babel and Chris 
"The only love we give away is the only 
love we truly keep" — Elbert Hubbard 

Most Argumentative: Ryan Packard and 

Dawn Pierce 
"People are more willing to be convinced 
by the calm perusal of an argument than a 
personal discussion." — Emily Collins 


Most Unique: Andy Shepherd and 
Gretchen Faelten 
"Commandment No. 1 of any truly civ- 
ilized society is this: Let people be dif- 
ferent." — David Grayson 

Most likely to Slip on a Bar of Soap in th 
Shower, Bump Their Head, and Thin, 
They're Someone Else: Laureen Mazalewsk 
and Ryan Baker 

"How strange are the tricks of memory 
which, often hazy as a dream about th 
most important events of a man's life, re 
ligiously preserve the merest trifles." - 
Sir Richard Burton 

Worst Drivers 
Shelly Burgin and Ryan Baker 
"The automobile is technologically more sophisticated than the bundling board, but the human motives in 
their uses are sometimes the same." Charles M. Allen 

Best Hair 
Karen Preston and Brian 
"Fair tresses man's imperial 
race in snare, /And beauty 
draws us with a single hair." 
Pope Alexander 

Best Eyes 

Kelly Meachen and Derek Brady 

"These only are beautiful eyes which, like the 

planets, have a steady lambient light, are 

luminous but not sparkling." Longfellow 

Best Smile 
Rich Gaudet and Lauren Smolinsky 
"There is nothing more comforting than a 
nice smile." Betty Crocker 

Hall Wanderers 

Mark Silva and Melanie Germaine 

"Roam abroad in the world, and take thy fill of its enjoyments 

before the day shall come when thou must quit it for good." 

James Ross 

Most Shy 
Tony Ciavarro and Marilyne Murphy 
"Shyness, in some ways shows wisdom." Henry 
Ward Beecher 

Class Clowns 

Denise Vieu and Brian Cavallo 

"Humor is an affirmation of dignity, 

a declaration of man's superiority to 

all that befalls him." Romain Gary 


ocEhn svRky 

The class of 1992 thanks Ocean Spray for its generous 

'Gratitude is the memory of the heart." 

— Herbert V. Prochnow 



' ■ - r v>;- 

Never before has history 
been so influential in daily 
life. Over the past year we 
have seen war come and go, 
Communism collapse, and 
many other events which 
have shattered the world. 

The constant evolution of 
the world is brought to 
light through media which 
can report from the most re- 
mote corners of the world in 
a moment's notice. What a 
spectacular sight it is to see 
history made right before 
our eyes. What an age we 
live in. 

Arc of Crisis 

Of the Baltic republics. 
Lithuania is the most restive 
and the most vulnerable. 


IMu\M r r*rrl 



Life has not been the same for law professor Anita 
Hill since going public with allegations that Supreme 
Court Justice Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her 
nearly a decade ago. 

Hill was valedictorian of her high school in 1973 
and went on to Oklahoma State University as a 
National Merit Scholar, graduating in 1977 with a 
degree in Psychology. From there she went to Yale 
University to receive a law degree in 1980. 

Most friends and colleagues described her the same 
way — honest, sincere and a principled person. 

Although Thomas was confirmed, professor Hill 
insisted that by letting her story be known she had 
accomplished everything she set out to do. "All that's 
happened has made the general public much more 
aware of sexual harassment than ever before," said 

She offered one piece of advice to victims of sexual 
harassment. "Try to find somebody you can trust 
and tell them," she said, "try to find somebody who 
can help make you feel that you are not at fault. Find 
someone you can trust because you can't take it all 
out on yourself, you can't internalize it." 


Forty-three year old Clarence Thomas grew up 
poor, Black and Democratic in Pinpoint, Georgia, 
but later switched parties and became a contro- 
versial symbol of Black conservatism. 

"Only in America," Thomas said after President 
Bush announced his nomination as the second Black 
justice on the Supreme Court. Thomas will succeed 
Thurgood Marshall who has retired. 

Prior to Thomas's nomination to the Supreme 
Court, he served as an assistant attorney general in 
Missouri, a legislative assistant to Sen. John 
Danforth (R-Mo.), seven years as chairman of the 
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and a 
judge of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the 
District of Columbia. 

In addition to the controversy of Thomas's legal 
views, a charge of sexual harassment was brought 
against him by law professor Anita Hill. Thomas 
vehemently denied the allegations and said, "This is 
Kafkaesque. Enough is enough." 

After much debate over who was right and who 
was wrong — Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill, the sys- 
tem itself — the United States Senate voted to con- 
firm him. 

On October 18, 1991, Clarence Thomas became the 
106th United States Supreme Court Justice. 



Firefighters were unprepared for the sight t 
were met with in Kuwait — scores of oil ax 
sending plumes of red and orange flames 30 ya 
into the air. Oil lakes and soot blackened the san 

During the seven-month Iraqi occupation of A 
wait, more than 730 oil wells were damaged or 
ablaze. Firefighting crews have been able to exti 
guish 584 wells since the effort began in March 19i 

When the effort to combat the blazes began I 
March, it took an average of four days to put out a 
well fire. Now the teams are averaging 8.5 wells em 
day, according to Oil Minister Hamous al-Rqubai 

Oil experts say that if the effort continues at i 
same rate, the wells should be capped before the a 
of the year, earlier than the projected date of Man 

The faster rate of progress has been attributed^ 
the increase in the number of firefighting companh 
the availability of needed equipment, the complete 
of the water system and the growing experience ■ 
the firefighters. 

Teams from the United States, Canada, Chii 
Iran, Kuwait, Hungary and France are all workt^ 
together to clean up this environmental disaster. 


Ronald Reagan threw open the doors of his presidential library on November 
5, 1991, and invited the public to judge his turn in the White House. 

A military band played "Hail to the Chief" and the crowd of 4,200 invited 
guests cheered as President Bush and former Presidents Carter, Nixon and Ford 
joined Reagan in the first gathering ever of five past or current presidents. 

Each president took a turn at the microphone, praising Reagan and reflecting 
on their own presidential challenges. 

The Spanish-style structure is nestled on 100 acres about 50 miles from Los 
Angeles. At 153,000 square feet, it is the largest presidential library and 
includes 55 million documents from Reagan's presidency, available for public 

The National Archives will operate the library at an estimated $1.5 million 
annual cost to taxpayers. 

"The doors of this library are open now and all are welcome," Reagan said. 
"The judgment of history is left to you, the people." 

fag v '&g&JIUS& 

w-j '■;. . Mf-V * 


- -v^w» - . ,->^rrg 

JT n ' iv ' . ^-i^a. V-V* ■ 



r s * 

■ m ' 

' If * 

-I -__=_ . 


- Vw- — ■ - 

[/■ II 


Heard Round The World 3attleship Row then and now 

It was an end to innocence. 
One December day 50 years 

ago, an air attack on a 

drowsy Hawaiian military 

complex shocked Americans 

into the era of total war. 


The horrifying secrets of murderer JEFFREY 
DAHMER are revealed as America watches. 

Ex-Klansman DAVID DUKE makes his bid for 
the 1992 Presidential Election, but faces great 





How to be Safe 

^Spermicidal Lubricant 


J-tenry ^Rollins 


'Public Enemy 



1 V-" .^ 






was beautific, poignant in the light of the news he was delivering to a stunned nation. Los 
Angeles Lakers star Earvin "Magic" Johnson was joining a lineup of AIDS statistics too 
disturbing to fully comprehend: A decade after the disease was identified, 125,000 are dead, 
200,000 are dying, 1.5 million are infected. Ending his brilliant 12-year career that 
November day, Johnson said he would become a spokesman for the assault on the disease. His 
disclosure delivered a message the country needed to hear: This is a home game. 
Life Magazine Jan. 1992 

1991's Battle of the Underdogs 

America loves an underdog, and Americans love baseball. This was a good year for both. In 1990 the 
Atlanta Braves and the Minnesota Twins finished last; this year they finished the season in a classic 

innings and cut the trophy in half." 
Life Magazine Jan. 1992 

^p4T runs like it 




-.„ 2_ Cougar XR7 he:, a new High-Output V-8 engine that no car in its class can match. It's smart, too. With anti-lock brakes 
■*■ -i-*-A and speed-sensitive steering. So will it come when you call it? No. But the catalog will. 1-800-446-8888. 



umi an Dodge Jeep 

-- ng^ 

Hyundai. Yes, Hyundai. 

ppj* 9 E T To K n o ^ 




lave you driven a Ford 

$ 7.699* 39/43 MPG" 

• 7 W ^ ■* cm HIGH ' 




President Mikhail S. Gorbachev of the Soviet Union and his 
family were placed under house arrest in the Crimea on August 19, 
1991, as an eight-man emergency committee led by Vice President 
Gennady Yanayev took power in a coup attempt in the USSR. 
Crowds of perplexed people wandered among the many Soviet 
tanks parked behind the Red Square during the military coup 

Convoys of Soviet tanks moved into Moscow, less than two miles 
from the Kremlin. The Communist hard-liners who ousted 
Gorbachev sent the army's tanks rolling within a mile of the 
Russian Parliament building where Russian President Boris Yelt- 
sin was staying. 

Yeltsin called on Russians to resist the takeover, and resist they 
did. Constructing a protective human wall around Yeltsin's head- 
quarters, his supporters demanded Gorbachev's return. As a for- 
mer Gorbachev advisor spoke to the crowds, denouncing the coup 
and demanding that Gorbachev be allowed to address the Soviet 
people, hands were raised in applause. 

On Wednesday, as the Communist party denounced the take- 
over, Yanayev and the other coup leaders fled Moscow. Latvia and 
Estonia declared immediate independence from the Soviet Union. 

Before dawn on Thursday, August 22, an Aeroflat jet arrived at 
Vnukovo Airport, Moscow, bringing home Gorbachev and his 

The coup had failed, and before the day was through, all coup 
leaders were arrested except for Interior Minister Boris Pugo, who 
reportedly killed himself. 

Russian President Boris Yeltsin waved the white-blue- and-red 
Russian tricolor flag from the Russian Federation building before 
a crowd of about 100,000 jubilant supporters celebrating the end 
of the three-day coup attempt. Bodyguards held bulletproof 
shields in front of him. 

In addition to telephone service being cut to all KGB buildings 
and Gorbachev naming a new chief of the KGB, the statue of the 
founder of the KGB was toppled while thousands of Muskovites 

Freedom has come to the Soviet Union. 





Terry Anderson 

Joseph Cicippio 



***** m4 \ 


Thomas Sutherland 

Alarm Steen 

Nearly seven years ago, Leb- 
anese terrorists captured Terry 
Anderson, an American jour- 
nalist living in Beirut. During 
his imprisonment in Lebanon, 
Terry received both physical 
and mental tortures which 
many people would not have 
been able to live through. Terry 
Anderson, however, did more 
than just survive; he tri- 
umphed. Each time his captors 
knocked him down, he got right 
back up again. He was beaten 
for only the first few months of 
his captivity, but then the ter- 
rorists tortured his mind. 

The terrorists would tell 
Terry that he was going to be 
released, only to crush his false 
hopes with the reality of their 
lies. (He would be the last hos- 
tage set free, the one kept the 
longest in captivity.) Then, 
when Terry and his fellow hos- 
tages made a crude deck of 
cards and a chess set from alu- 
minum foil to use to pass the 
hours, the guards took them 
away. Even when Terry was al- 
lowed to be in the same room 
with the other hostages, they 
were rarely allowed to speak to 
each other. 

For seven long years, Terry 
Anderson lived this life. How- 
ever, this experience only 
served to strengthen his spirit, 
not to break him. He did his 
best not to let his situation get 
him down. When he was al- 
lowed to speak to the other hos- 
tages, he kept their minds alert 
with deep conversations as he 
never wanted them to lose all 
the knowledge that they had 
gathered. It is an extraordinary 
few who can walk away from 
an experience such as this one 
and still have the positive at- 
titude and strength that Terry 
Anderson has. It was his in- 
vincible spirit which prevailed 
and kept him going on, day af- 
ter day. 

Terry and his fellow hostages 
are people we can all look up to 
as models for the will and 
strength it takes to survive such 
an ordeal. Seeing the suffering 
that these people have endured 
without being destroyed makes 
it possible — in the most dif- 
ficult situations — for us to 
gather up our spirits and use 
them to push ourselves forward 
up and over the most difficult 
obstacles to reach the self- 
reliance and freedom from fear 
that lies beyond them. 


A MICHAEL LANDON, 54, actor "He was the best at under- 
standing that television is something in people's homes. They 
form very personal relationships with people they see on the 
screen. He used that to really connect with people and to touch 
them."— Brandon Tartikoff 

paham Greene, 86 

"He believed that God draws 
straight with crooked lines," says 
author Father Andrew M. Greeley. 
"And out of trouble, tragedy and 
sin, God brings goodness." w* 


actress "If you 

ill MaeMurray. 83 ' 'Ct&EL 

•Fred *as Steve Douglas," says TV £»£■* 

nd became their surrogate father. 
He/eajly was the world's best dad. 

Old friends 

and famous 

comrades pay 

tribute to ( 

those who 

touched our 


Frank Capra. 9a 

^ "When he told me 
Life, I said, 'Frank, 
it's not easy to 
understand,' "says 
j|L Jimmy Stewart. '"But 
if if you want me to 
make a picture about 
an angel who hasn't 
got his wings and 
jumps in the water and I 
tries to save a guy who i 
can't swim . . . I'm 
your man!' " 

MILES DAVIS, 65, musician 

"In the future, you hear somebody 
that sounds like Miles, that is Miles. 
He was the most individualistic sty. 
ist in jazz." -Dizzy Gillespie 

Bill Graham, 60 

"A spirit like his 
must be in a more 
interesting realm, 
where he's prob- 
ably setting up big- 
ger events." 
| —Ijrancis Ford 

Redd Foxx, 68 

"Redd didn't have to work at being 
funny," says TV wife Delia Reese. 
"He had a spontaneous effect 
on people. When God sent us Redd, 
he sent us a natural-born comic." 

i newscaster "Harry was 
totally without guile in a 
business that is full of it." 
-Mike Wallace 


Theodor Seuss Geisel: 1904-1991 



/J (h 


/ //07 

/ 1 \> 


II; >"7 


Aj 11/ I x~ 

Dr. Seuss has become a name many of us 
associate with the age — old days of 
childhood. For generations his vibrantly 
illustrated books brought to life the im- 
aginations of children around the world. 
Although we each have our favorite books, 
The Cat in The Hat, Marvin K. Mooney, 
and Green Eggs and Ham are among the 
few that will forever remain in our mem- 
ories locked. 

"Marvin K. Mooney! 
Don't you know 
the time has come 
to go, GO, GO! 

Get on your way! 
Please, Mawin ¥L! 
You might like going 
In a Zumble-Zay. 

You can go 
by balloon . . . 
. . . or broomstick. 

You can go 
by camel 
in a 
bureau drawer. 

You can go by Bumble- 
Boat . . . 
. . . or jet. 

I don't care 
how you go 
Just GET! 

Get yourself a Ga-Zoom. 

You can go with a 
. . . BOOM 

Marvin, Marvin, Marvin! 
WUlyou leave this room!" 

Dr. Seuss 






c nkzio c nkc 



National Honor Society 
Executive Board: Shannon Bell, Pres- 
ident; Laureen Mazalewski, Vice- 
President; Susan Mott, Secretary; 
Wendy Duart, Treasurer. Senior Mem- 
bers: Jennifer Adams, Lauren Babel, 
Karyn Bowman, Keith Brogan, Gary 
Dombrowski, Jason Gavin, Julie-Ann 
Green, Scott Holmes, Russel Jacobs, 
Christopher Lacava, Marilyn Murphy, 
Antonio Pina, Karen Preus, Timothy 
Rice, Lauren Smolinsky, Richard 
Thome, Angela Wadsworth. 

£?here is no success 
without hardship/ 



-b + b 2 - (mm 


Math League is one of Carver High 
School's newest activities. The club 
was formed last year by Mr. Roy 
and Miss Drohan, who became the 
advisor. For the past year now, 
on the first Thursday of every 
month, 10 members of the Math 
League set off to do their best at a 
meet. The out-of -school meets are 
held once a month. Each meet is held 
at a different high school. We compete 
against such schools as Plymouth North, 
Plymouth South and Silver Lake. So far the 
Carver High School Math team has not man- 
aged to win a meet but we do our best. The students 
who participate deserve our praise and applause. Seniors: 
Jennifer Adams, Shannon Bell, Karyn Bowman, Julie Green, Laureen 
Mazalewski, Susan Mott; Juniors: Elizabeth Boucher, Darcie Confar, Mi- 
chael DiCarlo, Sandi Fenelon, Pam Fontaine, Peter Murphy, Naida 
Rosenberger, John Sullivan; Sophomores: Amy Colagiovanni, Jonathan Fe- 
nelon, Molly Hunstiger, Randy Souza, Dan Ward. 



CAflV , 
r, HIGH 

I s„fai AiUttts Dwi Drug 

^>he Gravest 




"79 TVe Vnccim ft, 
ft &ut> 0e '&o«te. ' 

Senior Peerleaders 

Ruth Lynch 

A promise to 
be alcohol 
and drug 

Busy at Work 


"The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him in other men the conviction and the will to carry on." 

Walter Lippmann 

The Peer Leaders of Carver High have one word in common — 
dedication. The Peer Leadership Program dedicates themselves to 
improving Carver High and making it a better place. The Peer 
Leaders are involved in a variety of activities which include the 
New England Patriots Basketball Game, an Alumni Breakfast, 
speaking to students at the Governor John Carver School about 
Peer Pressure, setting up a tutoring program, and making new 
students feel comfortable at Carver High. The Peer Leaders ded- 
icate themselves to be alcohol, drug, and tobacco free. Peer Leaders 
are all well-rounded students who are respected by their peers. 
Applicants for Peer Leadership must go through an interview with 
the Peer Leadership Advisor, Mrs. Lynch, which determines if they 
are Peer Leadership "Material." 

The 7th and 8th graders make up the Junior 
Peer Leaders. They are those young leaders who are also respected 
students. They are dedicated fust as much as the Senior Peer 

The Senior Peer Leaders are a group of students who are de- 
termined to keep Carver High a respectable school. Along with the 
help of Mrs. Ruth Lynch, they are able to make the Peer Leadership 
Organization a desirable position for all students. 




'"} '.At 


Art, if it is to be reckoned 
as one of the great values 
of life, must teach men hu- 
mility, tolerance, wisdom 
and magnanimity. The 
value of art is not beauty, 
but right action. 

W. Somerset Maugham 


K^ u 


For several years now the Model United Na- 
tions have been working excessively hard to create 
a name for Carver. Through this year's wondrous 
group, Carver High School's representation at the 
U.N. Conference has been stupendous. Each mem- 
ber has improved on his/her own public speaking 
skills, research skills, and ability to enjoy them- 
selves while working hard at making a difference. 
This past year Carver has represented Estonia (a 
newly independent Baltic State) and the Bahamas 
at the Harvard Conference and Spain at the New 
York Conference. 


Mr. Gary Lincoln (Advisor), Darcie Confar, Susan Mott, Shannon Bell, Marilyne 
Murphy, Gretchen Faelton, Julie Green, Scott Holmes, Nigel Hicks, Ricky John- 
son, John Ross, Wendy Duart, Pam Fontaine, Steve Preston, Lauren Babel, Chris 
LaCava, Tony Pina, Nikia Johnson, Laureen Mazalewski 

"Speech is the mirror of action." 

— Diogenes 


Lauren Smolinsky (V.P.), John Ross (T.), Elise Senior (S.), Tony 
Pina (P.). 

Our main objective on 
student council this year 
was to aid the classes and 
other organizations in their 
activities and fundraisers 
and were very successful in 
doing so. The young en- 
thusiastic members cou- 
pled with the experienced 
executive board helped to 
make student council very 
effective and give the stu- 
dents of Carver High a 
strong voice in the school 
and community. 

In the long-run 
every government 
is the exact symbol 
of its people, with 
their wisdom and 
— Thomas 







Shannon Bell 

Christine Brennan 


chess cms 

■ i 


Carver's Chess club, at the time of writing, is in second place in the 
Southeastern Massachusetts Chess League. The team currently has a 
record of four wins, two losses, and one tie. The chess team consists of the 
five top ranked players and one or two alternates. CHS's team members 
are Jason Auschewitz, Ben Hoge, John Hurley, Chris Paradise, Mike Shea 
and alternates Isaac Banks and Aaron Yung. 



Yearbook is not a cult, it is a club. We work long hours to meet 
orturous deadlines, but yearbook never quite reached cult sta- 
us, as our predecessors so eloquently noted. Many people ex- 
ended their helping hands and without their assistance this 
earbook would not be possible. With a class as diverse as the 
lass of 1992, it is hard to squeeze all of its colorful per- 
onalities into one book. This yearbook is only a representation, 

key if you will, to unlock your memory. This is the key to the 
ear that was — 1992, and all of its memories. 

earbook Staff: Lauren Babel, Liz Boucher, Karyn Bowman, 
Vendy Duart, Gretchen Faelton, Jason Gavin, Julie Green, Chris 
aCava, Laureen Mazelewski, Steve Preston, Naida Rosenberger, 
nd Andy Shepherd. 

Yearbook Advisor: Kevin Farrell 

<"' / 

The yearbook staff would like to thank Mrs. Caron for 
all of her help 




/« «o orrfer 0/ things is adolescence the time of simple 




conduct us b that enjoyment which is, Ut once, best in qua 

infinite in quantity 


mmm _i 

The Carver Crusader Marching Band under the di- 
rection of Mr. Barakat started the 1991 school year by 
taking a trip on September 14 to the University of Mas- 
sachusetts at Amherst. The band participated in a Band 
Day Jamboree with 38 other high school bands from the 
tri-state area. The biggest highlight of the day was when 
all the bands totalling approximately 2,000 students 
went out onto the UMass football field all at once to 
perform at halftime. What an awesome sound (and sight). 
The Crusader Band has also performed at all pep-rallies 
and a halftime show during this year's homecoming foot- 
ball game. Marc Emond designed the show with the help 
of Band Council members Liz Boucher and Tristan Walsh. 
A color guard unit is presently being formed under the 
direction of Mrs. Eileen Holzman, a veteran drill team 
instructor. This unit will be incorporated into the march- 
ing band at the Memorial Day Parade. 

Music takes us out of the actual and whispers 

to us dim secrets that startle our wonder as to 

who we are, and for 

what, whence, and 

where to. 



Z3ij\n% vow. 

We would like to extend our thanks 
and our heartfelt gratitude to the 
CHS Guidance Department for put- 
ting up with us this year. You stood 
by us even during the rush hours the 
day before our applications were due 
when we were just starting them. 
You guided us down the path to- 
wards college and our future and 
forced us to meet all those deadlines. 
We couldn't have done it without 

"The youth of a nation are the trustees 
of posterity." 

B. Disraeli 


Class of 

The Drama Club. A merry bunch of pranksters or just a 
bunch of kids having a good time? Well, whatever it may 
be, the Drama Club is the place to be if you're looking for 
some good ol' fun. It gives you the opportunity to express 
yourself in a way that just can't be explained. With the 
guidance of the wonderful Ms. MacNeil to help you along, 
thafs basically the only rule to abide by. Once in, you'll 
never get out . . . HA HA HA. 

"Like hungry guests, a sit- 
ting audience looks: 
Plays are like suppers; 
poets are the cooks. 
The founder's you: the ta- 
ble is the place. 
The Carvers we: the pro- 
logue is the grace. 
Each act a course, each 
scene, a different dish." 
George Farquhar 



Volume 5, Number 3 

October 17, 1991 

The Carver High School Newspaper 
Carver. MA 02330 




* <*%Cv 

T ^Z^K 








)je 'Of J hpppnnnmips of 

is of 

The 1992 Journalism staff is a group of very talented young 
writers. These reporters give it all they've got to make their articles 
perfect for the end result — the Carver High School's Crusader. By the 
time they've completed their final draft and saved it on the Jour- 
nalism disk, they have a piece of literature that they can be proud of. 
Over the past year these reporters, have written on topics such as: 
environmental health, sports, school activities, movie reviews, and 
their own personal concerns. 

These students, however, do not only see the reporting aspect of 
Journalism. They also work on the production and distribution of the 
final product. For two days out of a two week cycle, the Crusader 
staff spend their time running off, collating, stapling and distrib- 
uting over six hundred copies of the Crusader Newspaper. Through all 
of their hard work and determination, the Journalism staff have made 
the 1992 Crusader something to be proud of. 

e> * 







Kristian Bates, Casey Carter 

Nicole Connolly, David Cobb 

Eric Devine, Dawn Gillig 

Patrick Kenneally 

Asa Leighton, Maya Nabatame 

Mariann Nocera, Karlyn Olson 

Heather Shaughnessy 

Sharon Sullivan 

Gina Tortora, Associate Editor, 

Lauren Babel, Editor-in-Chief 

Mary MacNeil, Advisor 




° Integration, the col-^el ^% ^1^ > 




i Prii 
irs th 
the 5, 
s in r 
in Fe< 

A P 


tbP n P # 


Do you remember a time when the only decisions you had to make were 
what color to make your flower and if you could have any three wishes, 
what would they be? My first wish was always for a new puppy. My second 
wish was always for a swimming pool. And my third wish? My third wish 
was always for a trillion more wishes. 

In reality though, we don't get a trillion wishes. We have only a few 
chances to make the most out of our lives. Now it seems that there are so 
many new decisions to make. Do you want to live with your mother or your 
father? What do you want to be for the rest of your life? Are you going to 
college? Do you want a drink? Well, how 'bout a smoke? 

There is so much pressure to make these choices. If you answer what you 
truly feel, will your questioners turn against you? Will they no longer 
accept you for who you are if you aren't what they want you to be? When 
you feel like the pressure of growing up and finding out who you really are 
is about to drag you under, think back to that little child that still lurks 
inside each of us. If you could have any three wishes, what would they be? 
Choose them carefully, you only get three. 

Chances are your wishes have changed since you were a child. As we have 
grown and matured, those childhood wishes don't seem nearly as important 
as the events which affect our lives now. Our goals and aspirations nave led 
us on a new path in our lives. We now share ties to family and friends, ties 
that often cause us to put their well-being before our own. 

So think carefully about what your deepest dreams and desires really 
are. Those wishes can tell you a lot about who you are. They can show you 
what you really want for yourself. They can help you to see what you are 
worth, even if no one else will take the time to look. Whatever you decide 
you want for yourself, be sure that it is your decision. After all, would you 
have let someone else color your flower red, when you wanted it yellow? 

Lauren Babel, Editor-in-Chief 

2 rep 
;eks, i 
)d im 

3it inst tuu ui juu i iit p^Twg^^ 
ngrf 2 people, you are gom& 
,ve a lot of very well-armea 









6 - & 





by Gina Tortora 

June 18, 1991 — otherwise known as the last day of school to us — 
was the first time 1 had ventured to Fenway Park, I knew only as much 
about baseball as was taught in gym class — nothing more than that. 
It was my first professional game, and I really had a lot to learn about 
this type of baseball. 

This game was against the California Angels. At first I did not know 
who was on the Red Sox team. Actually, I had no idea who was on 
either team. I knew that the Angels had little haloes around the capital 
A's in their names and the Red Sox had two little red socks on their 
jerseys. But by the end of the night I became familiar with the batting 
order and the positions and could place names to all the faces. 

Soon after that I fell into a trap into which many Red Sox fans fall, 
an obsession with the "Olde Towne Team." I began watching nightly 
from Monday through Saturday and at 1:00 on Sundays. Ibegan to do 
something I had never done before. I would read the sports section to 
see the standings, see what other teams they would be facing, and find 
out what to look for in strategies against them. Before I knew it, I had 
memorized all of the players' batting averages. 

I purchased books about the Red Sox. One in particular. The Curse of 
the Bambino, by Dan Shaugnessy, is an explanation of why the Red Sox 
will never win a World Series. Shaugnessy is a renowned sports editor 
for the Boston Globe. In one month my knowledge of the original 
Boston sports team broadened tremendously. 

With the remainder of the season, I attended two more games, one 
with the Oakland A's and the other, a double header, with the Cleve- 
land Indians. The Red Sox became my favorite pastime. I have become a 
true New England sports fan, more specifically a Red Sox addict. Thus, 
I anxiously await another season of the Red Sox, for the magic of 
Fenway has hit me. 







to the Herat 




st i 
< * 


tf* /». 







by Mariann Nocera 

Throughout my life many people have influenced me; but 
the person that has had the greatest effect on my life is my 
Aunt Jean. She is the warmest person that I know: she has 
always taken care of me when I am in need. 

Since I can remember, my aunt and I have been close. We 
would always go out together shopping or just out for a 
drive. I have spent almost every day of summer there since 
the 9th grade. The past two years we have gotten closer than 
ever, and I feel as though she is like a second mother to me. 

I have chosen my aunt as the person that inspired me most 
because she is so strong. She has had a most difficult time 
these past two years ever since she was diagnosed as having 
Hodgkin's Disease. (Hodgkin's Disease is a form of cancer 
which is defined as a neoplastic disease that is characterized 
by progressive enlargement of lymph nodes, spleen, and liver 
and by progressive anemia.) 

It is such a shock when someone so close to you gets that 
sick. It made me realize just how much I loved my aunt. 

In June after a year and one-half of treatment, my aunt 
was diagnosed as being in complete remission. Everyone's 
life became normal again; it was such a relief. This past 
summer with her was the happiest time I have had in over a 
year. She was given her life back, and I was given my aunt 
back. I spent almost every waking moment at her house. 

Then, in the middle of summer, she felt two lumps on her 
neck. When she went to the specialists, they said the 
Hodgkin's Disease had returned after only two months. We 
had thought the first episode was shocking, but the second 
time was much worse because we already knew what she 
would have to go through. 

Since this diagnosis, she has been going through a series of 
tests. After this we didn't think that it could get any worse, 
but it has. Just last week she was told that her cancer may be 

My aunt has a very difficult time ahead of her, and the 
next few months are very critical, but she knows she has her 
family. Everything that has happened has made me realize 
just how precious life really is, and that people should not 
take their families for granted. I know I don't. 







; na 
it tl 
te a 



< (0 3 



by Karlyn Olson 

l remember my first experience with death. I was young, about 
eleven years old, when our family dog, whom I had grown up with 
died of poisoning. I didn't quite understand it at the time; 1 guess 
because of a child's inability to comprehend mortality; but since 
then I have come to learn much more about not only living, but dying 
as well. I have learned that not only do people eventually die, but so 
do many of the emotions that we so often take for granted. Without 
us giving emotion life, it couldn't survive. 

I always used to believe that although everyone had to die, there 
were some things such as emotions that had the power of eternal life. 
Love, friendship, fear, and pain, were the four emotions I believed to 
be the strongest. As strongly as all emotions may affect our lives, 
not one has the individual power to remain immortal. In fact, it is 
usually not until we neglect, or lose one of these emotions that a 
person realizes just how much control they do have, in affecting 
their personal feelings. It seems like a common mistake for all of us 
to either push the responsibility of preserving an emotion onto the 
other person involved in the relationship, or to believe that the birth 
and death of many emotions is the fate of life. We do not realize, 
that as an individual we do have the power to make our own 
emotions last. Not only can we change the outcomes of our lives by 
making a variety of choices, we can also change the outcome of our 

Five years ago today, one of the most important people in my 
heart, hurled himself into my life. It was Halloween night, and 
although we had just met, we seemed to understand one another as if 
we had known each other for years. Even though Halloween had 
never been a particularly important holiday to me, but it now had 
new meaning to me. For every Halloween that followed I celebrated 
another year of since I had met the closest friend I could have asked 

When I first met D. that Halloween night, I never expected to gain 
a friendship that in fact would have the power to live forever. As 
time went by, I realized that it wasn't time, or fate that bonded our 
friendship, it was something more; something we had accomplished. 
Maybe it was the gift of youth, or maybe the promises that were 
never broken, but through work we succeeded in making our promise 
of everlasting friendship a reality. Sometimes I wish I knew exactly 
what it was that we did to change the bonds of friendship. I wish 
that I could always make relationships turn out this way. As a 
young girl I had been told that if I ever had even one friend, who I 
knew I could call, even after fifty years of silence, and still be 
treated the same as before, I was fortunate. Now having experienced 
the past five years of true friendship, I understand why. Mortality. 










P 3 

Orq g 


r *^ « 




uieider said, and pro& 
would pull Harkin' 


The dedication of Mary MacNeil to her many duties 
is infallible. Play after play she spends her time gently 
guiding young actors and actresses in their theatric 
endeavors. Her dedication to the Journalism students is 
evident from the quality of each article published. She 
instills within us a sense of accomplishment and self 
worth. The enthusiasm she adds to all she does is 
enlightening and her words of encouragement do not go 
unappreciated. Thank you Miss MacNeil for all you do 
to make our brief stay here at Carver High School most 


iy is 
at a 
[o vis- 
1 victi- 

id to 

pinning their hopes on 


■<<*fz s 



Christopher Jude LaCava 

Man was given only a feeble structure in the shuf- 
fling of evolution. He was not given a thick hide to 
help fend off disease or built-in weapons such as 
sharp teeth, claws or horns. According to nature's 
laws, man was low animal on the totem pole. The 
most unfit, an easy prey for larger more nimble 
predators. Why is it then that a person can now walk 
the streets without fear of being stalked by any other 
predator except one of his/her own species? 

Man did not play by the rules. Using and de- 
veloping intellect, man surpassed the Laws of Na- 
ture. Man controlled what once controlled him. The 
ultimate example of the rise to power of the op- 
pressed underdog. 

Now man does not rely on nature to painstakingly 
make and dismantle compounds. Man rips apart and 
reassembles molecules to make anything he so de- 
sires, like a child playing with an erector set. 

Man is no longer faced with answering to the laws 
of nature, but there are penalties, of course. Going 
against the grain and plowing a destiny upstream 
disrupts the fragile equilibrium of nature. The hu- 
man race faces a host of environmental and social 
dilemmas due to its persistent quest to outdo nature. 
As Eric Hoffer wrote in The Return to Nature, "Man 
became what he is not with the aid of, but in spite of 

Man has already removed himself from his right- 
ful place in nature by his intellect ana the results are 
taking their toll. Nature would be totally upheaved 
if man took it upon himself to tamper with other 
animal's place in nature. I would not want any part 
in an unnatural act which furthers the deviation man 
has taken. I believe a genetic alteration in any animal 
would have catastrophic results. By tampering with 
the delicate intertwined web of nature, our fore- 
fathers have dug us into a hole. I would not want to 
entrench my children any deeper. 

I'd love to run in the grass, 

paint myself blue 

and jump over the moon. 

I used to want to be a dolphin 

and swim in the sea, until I'm 

not there no more. 

I think I found the holy grail, 

I think I had a sip 

I'm'not sure what will happen 


but I do know I want to stand on 

my head 

and to be invisible from 9 to 5. 

I want to walk on a rainbow 

roll around in red. 

I want to slide down 

all purple and blue 

I'll always be cooler than a 


And when it snows 

I'll catch every snowflake, 

I'll lay in every snow drift, 

and make angels until they're 


I'll play in the mud, 

get all covered up 

and be sure to clean myself off. 

I'll jump in the water, I'll jump 

in the air 

I'll spin around dancing until I'm 


Then I'll lay down and rest my 


until I see you again. 


Christopher Jude LaCava 

Is there no man 

With a hint of virtue? 

Or are we wax dolls, 

Molded by the plaque of other's ideals, 

Through any man's eyes 

There is no right or wrong, 

Only more elevated degrees, 

Of persuasive personalities. 

So one must choose one's sword carefully 

Then fall on it accordingly. 

I've never gotten so close before, 
and still felt clean 
lying so close with no chains 
connecting us, 

it feels so warm, so much like home 
I love to just lay and never move, 
and I know you'll be there staring 
straight at me, and you won't turn 

like everyone else did 
I never want to say anything, never 
disturb the silence, 
because ifs so good to just be there. 


For More Information 
Call Or Write 






BOSTON, MA 02115 

(617) 732-2850 TOLL 

FREE (800) 225- 

Poseidon, oh lord, oh King of the 


Come listen, come watch, come 

speak to me. 

My hero, the legend you to be. 

Poseidon, oh lord, oh King of the 


Karen Preus 













670 MAIN ST. 



Who Loved All Children 

Special Thanks To . . . 

Gary Lincoln 

Joy Berto 

Ann Crane 

Bruce Lessard 

Marianne Bender-Powers 

Edward Gardner 

Melody Greengross 

Mrs. Sharon Mathews 

Frank Ciarfella 

Cliff Snavely 

Mary MacNeil 

Steven Davis 

Ben Hatch 

Sue Hiller 

Mary-Therese Bows 

Donna Pihl 

. . . for their contributions! 


Seniors Who (Dade 

Green a portrait 
in courage in face 
of personal battle 

INSPIRATION. The word is quite often used as a means for getting 
people going in all facts of life. 

For Julie Green of Carver, it has become a way of life the past 
three years. Without even trying, her presence alone seems to do 
that, not just for her family and friends, but for people she doesn't 
even know. Three years ago, the high school senior was found to 
have a serious form of cancer, Hodgkin's Disease. 

"I remember the priest at the hospital giving her the last rites of 
the sick," her mother said. "She was lying there in bed and, I was 
crying. Julie looked up at me and said 'Don't worry mom. I'm going 
to be all right.' She just knew she was going to beat it. It wasn't 
going to get the best of her. It was something to get over and get on 
with her life. It was just an obstacle in the way of rest of her life." 
— Diane Green 

Julie has been in remission for the past year. 

Carver HS student 
wins SADD contest 


A Carver High School senior who hopes to stop drunk drivers from gettingbehind the wheel won a nationi 
contest — and $5,000 — by designing a logo for Students Against Drunk Driving. 

Russ Jacob, 18, of Carver, designed a logo which will be used as the national campaign symbol for SADL 

"Today its Russ Jacob Day," Kevin Farrell, Carver High School's SADD adviser, said at a student assembl 
held Friday to celebrate Jacob's achievement. 

About 350 Carver High School students applauded Jacob as he received an elaborately framed copy of hi 
design and a check for $5,000 from Ketan Patel, a representative of Clearasil, the contest sponsor. 

A certificate of achievement from the town of Carver was presented by Paula Bobbin, a Carve 

Jacob's design will be printed on materials distributed nationwide during National SADD Awareness Wee 
next spring. 

"Tnat little extra effort put our SADD chapter on the map," Farrell said. 

Jacob's logo depicted two intersecting bodies symbolizing strength and unity against drugs and alcohol, 
said the logo's bright, vibrant colors reflected happiness and well-being. 

Jacob had forgotten about the contest over the summer and was shocked when his SADD adviser called t 
tell him he'd won. 

"It was kind of unbelievable," said Jacob, who is also a member of Carver High's varsity hockey tean 
Honor Society, Drama Club, Foreign Exchange Club and Future Problem Solving Club. 

Jacob, who hopes to become an armed forces pilot, is filling out college applications and plans to use th 
money to help with tuition. 


Autumn comes like a warrior, 

with the stain of blood upon his 

brazen mail. 

His crimson scarf is rent. 

His scarlet banner drips with gore. 

His step is like a flail upon the 

threshing floor. 

— Longfellow 


Front Row: Greg Weydt, Nathan Horrigan, David Cologiovanni, Sherry DiCarlo, Chris 
Paradise, Colleen McGillicuddy, Tammy Caron. Middle Row. Timmy Grant, Jim Mc- 
Glew, Phil Dorfer, Alex Flynn, David Emord, Suzanne Sinkey, Jen Foley, Laura Mer- 
ideth, Jackie Britt. Back Row: Kristin Brady, Dave McPherson, Mike DiCarlo, Steve 
Tibbetts, Randy Souza, Cindy Van Houten, Matt Bain, Chris Speakman, Pat Kenneally, 
Jen Baker, Mgr. Amy Duncan. Missing: Shawn Lucier, Tara Macuch, Cathie Lydon. 

The boys' X-Country team had some very 
tough competition in the South Shore League, 
but hung right in with the competition. Led by 
Sophomore Captain and League All-Star Chris 
Speakman, the Crusaders showed determina- 
tion, spirit, and certainly a lot of improvement. 
Juniors Mike DiCarlo and Matt Bain displayed 
great leadership to this young squad. Among 
Carvers top performers were Pat Kenneally, 
Randy Souza, David Emord, and Shawn Lucier. 
With the group of Seventh and Eighth Graders 
returning next season, the Crusaders are look- 
ing for a big improvement within the league. 



To fieOte jjOotp/UKts 
i At sand ow ike, 
ou Rate to lee^p 

The girls' X-Country team had an outstand- 
ing season, losing only two league meets. It is a 
very young team with plenty of promise for the 
future. The team has many outstanding young 
runners who should be exciting to watch in the 
future. The top position for Carver varied 
among Sophomores Tara Macuch and Jen Ba- 
ker, along with Freshmen Cathie Lydon and 
Jackie Britt. Also scoring for Carver were 
Eighth Graders Laura Mertdeth and Jen Foley. 
A surprise newcomer to the team was Seventh 
Grader Sherry DiCarlo. Carver placed two 
girls in the top fifteen runners in the All League 
Meet with Laura Merideth placing thirteenth 
and Cathie Lyd* fifteenth. This is definitely a 
team to watch in the future. 



The Crusader Stickers came off their finest season 
to date finishing up at 7 wins, 5 losses, and 5 ties 
overall. Their South Shore League Record of 6 
wins, 1 loss, and 5 ties gave them a piece of their 
first ever league title. Carver's defense gave up 
only 9 goals in 12 games and 17 overall. Of- 
fensively 20 goals were scored by this year's 
squad, most ever. 

Seniors this year were 3 time SSL All-Star and 2 
time Brockton Enterprise All-Scholastic Shannon 
Bell, SSL All-Star and Brockton Enterprise All- 
Scholastic Lauren Smolinsky, as well as Gretchen 
Faelton, Christine Brennan, and Elaine Schwotzer. 
These girls will be sorely missed. 






The girls' soccer team fin- 
ished 3-15. The team was 
constantly improving during 
the year and played very 
well in their last six games. 
Most of the girls are playing 
winter and spring sports 
which will help them. De- 
spite losing senior tri- 
captains Laureen Mazalew- 
ski, Karen Preston, and 
Dawn Pierce, the team is 
looking forward to improv- 
ing their performance next 
year. Thanks to all the girls 
for a great effort and a 
unique experience which has 
helped both myself and Mr. 
Noyes to become better 
coaches and better people. 















Carver pulls big upset of Cohasset 

The Carver boys soccer team has 
not had too much to celebrate 
about this season. Until Tuesday, 
that is. 

The Crusaders pulled off the 
biggest upset of the South Shore 
League season with a 1-0 win over 

"I had 11 All-Stars today," said 
Carver coach Kevin Farrell, 
"Everyone gave an outstanding ef- 

Gabe King scored his seventh 
goal of the season at the 27:29 
mark of the first half off a feed 
from Jo Jo Fenelon. Carver net- 
minder Brian Connelly recorded 
his first career shutout with seven 
saves to key the surprising upset 
of the Skippers. 

, espect 
or boring 
.re inevitably encounte. 

Football 1991 

■ 111 

This year's football team enjoyed their first winning season (7-4) in their brief four year history, culminating 
with an exciting victory on Thanksgiving. Hard work, sacrifice, and determination paid off for this team which 
had thirteen Seniors to lead them. There were no "Gimmick" plays this year, just names and faces: Helms, Holmes, 
Leary, EJ, JR, Hoss, Juice, Bird, Pac-Man, Gaudet, Poopsie, Hendy, Oakley, Rob, Turtle, and Chris, just to name a 

Some highlights of the season were: A last play TD pass to give Martha's Vineyard their only loss of the season, 
Jarretfs 7 TD passes vs. W. Bridgewater, the bus ride to Whittier, Juice's pat (and dance) vs. W.C., RJ's 
interception vs. Norwell, coming so very close against E.B. and Norton, the offense driving 96 yards in 5 plays to 
beat 1st place Abington, and the shootout at Hull, a day that Angus said thanks to the seniors and played the game 
of his life. Jarrett, Scott, and Angus set new records passing, receiving, and rushing and the Offensive Line (52, 66, 
57, 50, 63, 58, 99) deserves a lot of credit. 

Thank you Seniors (EJ, JR, Hendy, Ricky, Nigel, Turtle, Juice, Scott, Rich, Ryan, Rob, Chris, Hoss) for your 
leadership, determination, dedication, inspiration, and perspiration. Thank you for your friendship and I nope you 
remember some of the things you learned from playing this game. I will miss you. 

Coach Murphy 


1991 Schedule 


Martha's Vineyard 



West Bridgewater 









Weymouth /Catholic 



Hanover 7 p.m. 



East Bridgewater 












Hul1 .j^MM 





You think college football players can't be rocket scientists 

n at the brainpower schools that play in Division 






is the supreme out- 
come, but to gain 
victory you must 
first become a team. 


In the spirit of Carver High School, the 1991 Carver 
Cheerleaders were there supporting our teams and rais- 
ing the spirits of the crowd. After long hours of summer 
practice and a week of camp the cheerleaders were ready 
this year with new cheers, pyramids and a lot of spirit. 
Led by coach Sue Smith and captains Wendy Dorfor, 
Julie Green, and Elise Senior this year's squad pulled 
together to place third in the second annual Plymouth 
Cheerleading Competition. This is the first time, since 
its existence, that the Carver Cheerleading squad had 
placed in competition. With a majority of the members 
returning next year the future for the cheerleaders looks 


Up And 


"If anyone thinks that those 
who have not good natural 
ability cannot to some extent 
make up for the deficiencies 
of nature by right training 
and practice, let such a one 
know that he is very wide of 
the mark, if not out of it al- 

— Plutarch 





"It's not if you win or lose, 
it's how you play the game! 




Remember Mr. O 'Conner's perfect freehand circle . . . 

Remember when Derek got in an accident with Jim's neighbors . . . 

Remember Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum . . . 

Remember when Denise wasn't laughing . . . 

Remember when Nory could do really good chicken impressions . . . 

Remember when Steve cut Nory's hair in the 4th grade . . . 

Remember when Wendy gave Russ a wedge so deep his underwear came off . 

Remember when Suzuki Vu attacked Mark Daly . . . 

Remember how we home from Medway in 30 minutes . . . 

Remember the express elevator in New York Model U.N. . . . 

Remember when Liz and Riz were best friends . . . 

Remember when Phil fell into a puddle ... 

Remember when Andrea and Phil put $400 worth of clothes on layaway on the same night . 

Remember when Elaine thought she could drive but her permit expired before she could try 

Remember when Derek got pulled over for having 17 people in his truck . . . 

Remember Shelley not talking about Gabe . . . 

Remember when the curtains closed on Mr. Wade . . . 

Remember when Tony wasn't doing something for student council . . 

Remember the Amazing Grace choir in chemistry . . . 

Remember when D.P., S.B., D.V., C.F., K.L., and Mariann went to the movies and Mariann fell down and ripped her 

jacket, pants, hands, and knees . . . 

Remember the "Darkman" ... :: * """" 

Remember when Lauren beat Tony for President . . . .^. - 

Remember when Baker crashed his car . . . -: 

Remember when Baker and Turtle kissed in the hall . . . 

Remember Physic's Mickey Mouse Club ... 

Remember when Karyn Bowman's hair was braided like Milli-Vanilli's and Mr. O'Conner made her pass out papers 

like that ... 

Remember when Shannon had to wear a bouquet of balloons for gym on her birthday . . . 

Remember when Ricky and Nigel got locked out of their room in their underwear at Model U.N. . . . 








something stupid . . . 

me wrong . . . 

when Mark Silva wasn't in the hallways . 

when Ryan and Ricky weren't fighting ov 

when Jay Steed wasn't trying to prove so 

Mrs. Mulvaney . , . 

when Melissa, Brenda, Scott, and David went to Boston . . . 

when Denise slapped Robbie across the face wUh beef teriyaki 

when Melissa, Shelly, Dawn, Kelly, and Karrigot lost for 7 hours on 

when Physics study groups actually studiei 

when the softball team went to P-Town . . 

when Diane wore a skirt to school . . . 

when Diane and Lynn went to the Top of the Hub all dressed up (by 

when Sherri wasn't complaining about her hair 

when Craig shaved his head bald . . . 

Lauren B. trying to hide in the bathroom from perverted ComElectric guys 

when Sherry wasn't infatuated with John . . . 

when Elise wasn't complaining about her body . . . 

when Melon had a clue . . . t^k 

when Wendy and Tracy tried to photocopy their faces on the staff photo copier . . . 

Tracy's SWEET 16 birthday party ... 

when John Ross got kicked in the ribs by a donkey . . . 

when Baker didn't hit anything . . . Y^ 

when T.P., B.C., and R.T. went to visit Tony P. by accident . . . 

when Tracy S. wasn't complaining and Tina M. wasn't complaining about Tracy S. 

when Scott Holmes called Mr. Mitchell a walrus . . . 

when Andy Lebel didn't have a fire story ... 

when Laureen got stuck in a box ... ■flfl 

Nathaniel Morton ... ■>*& 

when Elise wasn't going out with Brian . . . 



< H 

♦ ♦ ♦ J £ 

Remember when Rich Gaudet wore makeup for Jive dollars . . . 

Remember when Ryan Baker had a Tupperware party . . . 

Remember when Robbie wasn't flirting . . . 

Remember when Dawn Pierce stuck to a diet . . . 

Remember when Andy Lebel was told that there was a fire during Octoberfest . . . 

Remember when Bither came in the back door . . . 

Remember when Ef made his drums and played them in Senior Lounge 3rd period . . . 

Remember Tim Rice's impressions of George Bush and Ed McMahon . . . 

Remember when Keith Brogan wasn't driving like a lunatic . . . 

Remember when John Ross's car stalled in the middle of South Meadow Road . . . 

Remember when Ricky Thome asked Mrs. Knapp who died and she said her mother-in-law . . . 

Remember when Jenni was running for the lunchroom and she fell down the stairs . . . 

Remember when Jenni and Tracy crashed the green car down the powerlines . . . 

Remember when Craig and Rich wanted to be Tango and Cash . . . 

Remember when girls wore two different colored socks . . . 

Remember when Sue Mott spun the revolving door at Model U.N. and she almost killed the little old lady . . . 

Remember when Sue and Marilyn had to share a chair at the "formal" National Honor Society Induction ceremony 

Remember when Mr. Snively went off on Denise and threw a chair at her ... 

Remember when Denise and Turtle went out for a day . . . 

Denise remember "the master" . . . 

Remember when Dawn P. hated the male race . . . 

Remember when Shelley and Craig weren't fighting . . . 

Remember when Ricky Johnson didn't have someone feel his arms and chest 

Remember when Nory Syblo crashed his moped into a roadblock . . . 

Remember when Rich Gaudet ate glue, rinsed with a hot cloth, and had coffee spilt on him all at once 

Remember when Melissa and Karri wore tons of makeup . . . 

Remember when Wendy Duart flipped out on Scott H. in A.P. History . . . 

Remember when Shannon Bell liked or even tolerated men . . . 

Remember when Jen Adams hit a P&B bus . . . 

Remember when Brian C. was a beach bum . . . 

Remember when Elise wasn't flirting . . . 

Remember when Christine wasn't flirting . . . 

Remember freshman year when Tina and Tracy fist fought in Mr. Tighe's class and got away with it . . 

Remember in 7th grade when Mr. Z's team had to spend the day in Mr. Z's room because nobody would say who lit the 

firecrackers . . . 

Remember when Nikia thought Sue wanted to be a nun . . . 

Remember the big black bear that attacked Laureen at Harvard Model U.N. 

Remember when Shelley beat up Mr. Walker in 7th grade . . . 

J 92 

Remember when Sue Mott didn't have a box of wheat thins in every class . . . 

Remember Nikia's three pigtails in the fifth grade . . . 

Remember when Tim Rice channeled the spirit of Elvis in Mrs. Simeone's class . . . 

Remember personal discussions in Ceramics class that didn't seem so personal . . . 

Remember when fen went to Leningrad and one guy was trying to buy her . . . 

Remember when Mrs. Rent gave us candy and popcorn on Fridays . . . 

lemember Nory's tenth grade science project that stunk up the halls for a week . . . 

lemember when Andy's car ran smooth . . . 

lemember when Diane wasn't flipping out . . . 

lemember one week of Astronomy class, duh? 

Remember when Phil dropped his belt buckle into the toilet . . . 

lemember when Tony wasn't doing something for Student Council . . . 

lemember when Paul drank ten cups of tea and thirty sugars at the bowling banquet . . . 

lemember the cover-up of Jim's fireworks display in Derek's house . . . 

lemember when E.J. wasn't listening to the Doors . . . 

lemember Mr. Fiske's bald spot on the side of his head . . . 

lemember when Tim wanted to summon the devil in the third grade . . . 

lemember when you could go to the library without the third degree . . . 

lemember when Chris' Fairlane ran out of gas on the way to school in the eleventh grade . . . 

lemember when Suzuki Vu attacked Mark Daly . . . 

lemember when Sasha told Sue that she was "Hot Stuff and then asked her, "What does it mean?" 

lemember the Grim Reeker . . . 

\emember when Derek and Elaine weren't kissing or hugging . . . 

lemember when Laureen hung out a twelve story window at Model United Nations New York 

emember Steve's gun . . . 

lemember when the entire Senior Class wasn't mad at the yearbook staff . . . 

emember Nortondav College . . . 

emember when Jen almost got arrested by Soviet military just because she could not read the sign 

Military Zone." . . . 

lemember Doc lectures on AIDS . . . 

lemember when Lauren Babel wasn't asking a question in Biology . . . 

lemember Chris LaCava's Fairlane, remember his Saab, remember his truck . . . 

lemember when Nikia wasn't saying, "Huh, I don't get it?" to one of Mr. Wasti's jokes . . . 

lemember when "The Ninja" poured pepper in Nory's eyes . . . 

lemember when Mrs. Simeone wasn't there to lend us an ear and some good advice. Neither do we, thanks Mrs. 


'No entrance. 

1992 Class IDill 

Sue Mott leaves Russ and Eric the most embarrassing moment of their lives. 

Ryan Baker leaves his fellow classmates a free fry and coke at Lobster Hut if they stop by to say 


Rob King leaves Mrs. Simeone a can of glade for when Ryan B. comes to visit her. 

John Ross leaves Scott Holmes a car that doesn't leak, his friendship, and an attitude 


Trade Beattie leaves Heidi Fratus her never-ending friendship, a shoulder to cry on, and a man 

that makes you happy. 

Melanie leaves fill Kulbok a life supply of pretzels and her friendship for life. 

Scott leaves mom good luck with the twins for the next 3 years, Adam my attitude and the 

ability to foul like me and Andrew good luck trying to beat my records. 

Kelly Meachen leaves Karri Shores all her friendship. 

Kelly Meachen leaves Tony a snowboard and a mountain full of snow. 

Shelley Burgin leaves Dawn and Denise a lifetime of friendship and her friendship forever. 

Shelley Burgin leaves Mark Silva lifetime supply of strawberry chapstick. 

Christine Brennan leaves Pookie her friendship forever. 

Christine Brennan leaves Leigh her friendship and a baked potato! 

Angie leaves Barbara a long lasting and loving friendship, our eight kids and the slap fights in 


Ryan Packard leaves Denise Vieu his friendship and happiness. 

Mariann leaves Jeanette her love and luck in high school always. 

John White leaves Carver High School a large can of green lime paint. 

Melissa leaves Elise and Jen Senior memories of Florida "roses." 

Shannon leaves Sue a pronunciation book for words like "Warsh" and "Warshington" and a 

debate where she's actually right. 

Sue Mott leaves Karen P. Liz B. and Mariann N. and Mythology a box of Wheat Thins that 

never runs out. 

Ryan Baker leaves Brain Connolly his 36 pairs of ripped underwear, a ride to the doctor's and 

some definition. 

Marissa leaves Denise endless nights on the phone and a forever friendship. 

Rob King leaves Christine Brennan a lifetime supply of gold coins. 

John Ross leaves Tori Strutevant his towels and his friendship. 

Trade Beatty leaves Paul Jones her never-ending love, and a promise that this time is forever! 

Jenni leaves Brenda a heavy metal tape and blonde hair dye. 

Melanie leaves Nicole Monaghan a little Mermaid ice cream cake, Directions to Vincents and 

her friendship for life. 

Marilyn Murphy leaves Sue a blank date on her calendar so that she can just sit and do nothing. 

Karri leaves Melissa J. a year's supply of blue eye shadow. 

Karlyn leaves April, a life supply of moist clay. 

Jen Adams leaves Wendy Duart many memories of Maine and of our friendship, and a Great 

Wall of China made of sugarcubes. 

Melissa leaves Dawn Pierce all the happiness she deserves and great memories of softball. 

Lynn leaves Dawn luck, a raincheck on all their big plans and a free ticket to Amherst. 

Marissa leaves Eric free jet ski lessons and a job not in Onset. 

Rich Gaudet leaves Shelly, Dawn, and Denise my friendship and best wishes in the future. 

Shelly leaves Denise a car that runs in any season, a pumped guy, and friendship. 

Rich Langton leaves Nancee and Terry his love and friendship. 

Wendy Dorfer leaves Trade all of her friendship and luck and a package of pink wick pens. 

Tony leaves Jill Kulbok a big hug for all the times she was there to give me one. 

Tracy Scichilone leaves Heather and Michelle a license and no curfew. 

126 y 

Gary leaves Tom, Chris, Mark, Marc, and Julie his friendship. 

Brian Connolly leaves Laureen endless happiness with everything she does. 

Tina M. leaves John T. her love and friendship forever. 

Elise leaves fen Senior a successful senior year. 

Angle leaves Linda the directions to the backroads of Middleboro. 

Mariann leaves Dawn her love and luck with Ronnie. 

John White leaves Brian Connolly a car, a girl with a clue, and some sunblock for the beach. 

Melissa leaves Jen Senior a great senior year. 

Shannon leaves Jen a big black book to categorize all her men. 

To Billy Prentice a forest full of pine and spruce with the axe and chainsaw to cut-em down. 

Scott Holmes leaves the twins my car and all the freedom mom has given me and not you. 

Brenda leaves Steve the best of luck and happiness in the years to come. 

Brenda leaves Melissa an award for being the most blunt person. 

Eric Johnson leaves Chris LaCava all the scuds in Latin class. 

Michelle Copp leaves Kelly Meachen all our memories and a friend who will always listen and 


Michelle Copp leaves Jill Kulbok my everlasting friendship and love. 

Marilyn Murphy leaves to Kristen Tetrault the memory of our love, friendship, and laughter to 

live forever. 

Karri Shores leaves Kelly my friendship, and all the memories of the good times we had 


Karlyn leaves Tom Corshia ten normal people. 

Tim Rice leaves his impersonations to 5-D lunch table and library pals. 

Jen Adams leaves Eric Nazmeev her love and friendship, a world without bounds and Russian 


Juice leaves Ryan a head manager position at the Lobster Hut and a coat hanger, just in case 

Melissa leaves Karen Preston and Lynn Simler our long lasting friendship and good luck in 


Lynn leaves Lauren cheese popcorn to eat in her cave. 

Diane leaves Wendy someone to fight with in cooking and some friends. 

Marissa leaves Annie more teeth. 

Rich Gaudet leaves everyone in the crew my friendship and many more good memories. 

Sherry leaves Devon hot summers with cooler captain frosties, Lauren civilized ComElectric 

men, Elaine luck with Derre and a big bed of her own, and her everlasting friendship to all of 


Rich Langton leaves Sandi his everlasting love. 

Wendy Dorfer leaves Chris all her love and all the memories we have shared together. 

Tony leaves his sister Sonja all of his love and the strength to carry on. 

Tracy Scichilone leaves Heather, Michelle, and Emily all her friendship, thanks for being there 

for those 1:00 AM. 

Gary leaves Andrea his everlasting friendship. 

Turtle leaves Ricky T. a shotgun that won't jam when he goes to shoot that big buck. 

Brian Connolly leaves Ryan and Belinda the best of luck and a new job. 

Mrs. Ranvinsky's 6th period class leaves her another class that's not as homey. 

Nigel leaves Alan Shaw a membership to Gold's Gym. 

Elise leaves Amanda Arable another night at the Metroplis. 

Phillip Herman leaves Chris a dull pair of scissors and a razor for a haircut like those in 

Spanish Two. 

Lauren Babel leaves Steve a night at Sedell's when no one buys any scratch tickets or lottery and 

as many quarters as he can find in the Charleston Chews. 

Julie Green leaves Corey perfect SAT scores, a four year sports scholarship to Miami and all her 

friendship forever. 

Jon Pelletier leaves Tony Pina a book of excuses. 


Laureen Mazelezvski leaves Amy Herf the trips to Florida she missed, her clothes she never got 
to borrow, and a joke she understands. 
Steve Preston leaves fason a new stick shift. 

Dawn Pierce leaves Karen Preston a prince who will treat her just like a princess. 
Nikia Johnson leaves Steve lots of secrets and chapstick, a town thafs far from Carver, and a 
happy Biology book cover. 

Julie Green leaves Naida and Liz "the power" and the best of luck to the Cheerleaders next year. 
Denise Vieu leaves Marissa Horton memories of nights home on the phone and her friendship 

Craig Henderson leaves Nigel a front tooth. 

Derek Brady leaves Jim an army of people to back him up when he's getting double teamed. 
Lauren Babel leaves Wendy memories of Bermuda, a smile to take with her to college, and her 

Jon Pelletier leaves Nory a picture of his old Nova. 
Karen Preus leaves Kim a car of her own and the liberty to drive it. 

Laureen Mazelewski leaves Scott a lasting, happy relationship, no more family fights, and all of 
her friendship forever. 
Julie leaves Scott her unrequited love. 

Chris LaCava leaves Andy Shepherd a Presidential nomination and an all expense paid date 
with Tipper Gore to a Dead Kennedys show. 
Steve Preston leaves Jon a new mail box. 

Denise View leaves JS, MJ, KP, LS, BC, LS, RJ, SA, and TB a lifetime of sunshine and her 
friendship always. 

Julie Green leaves the yearbook staff met deadlines and finished layouts. 
Julie Green leaves Carver High School her thanks for everything. 
Gretchen Faelton leaves Nikia garlic pickles and sweaters at Filene's. 

Julie Green leaves the We's and Wa's all of their memories together and her everlasting 

Kim Smith leaves Karen a wall for her room. 

Lauren Babel leaves Chris hikes at Blue Hills, green bananas, a piano, her love and admiration, 
and a wish for his future to be filled with happiness. 
Jon Pelletier leaves Steve a gun for any unpleasant moment (or pleasant). 
Dawn Pierce leaves Shelly and Denise all of her friendship, love, and luck. Thanks guys for 

Chris LaCava leaves Lauren "Darkman," a box of tissues, a car that is all one shade of grey, his 
admiration, love, and thanks for showing him how beautiful life can be. 
Steve Preston leaves Nory five more empty cans for the gumball machine. 
Karen Preus leaves Darcie Confar the Miss Attitude Contest. 

Nikia Johnson leaves Gretchen a perfect dress at Gantos, The Smiths for her personal en- 
tertainment, the perfect move, and her friendship. 

Julie Green leaves her sister Erin all her love and the best of luck for the future. 
Denise View leaves Dawn and Shelley her everlasting friendship, thanks, and happiness always. 
Lauren Babel leaves Karen a car with defrost and heat, the duck walk, an endless supply of 
quarters at Sedell's, memories since the sixth grade, and her friendship. 

Gretchen Faelton leaves Wendy Duart the Martha's Vineyard trip, a job, route 80, and all times 

Steve Presten leaves Chris a pair of good tasting socks. 

Craig Henderson leaves Matt all the experiences and intelligence he has learned. 
Karen Preus leaves Russ all her love. 

Jim Hurley leaves his sister Lisa all the luck in her next three years at Carver High School. 
Derek Brady leaves his parents a day with no worries. 

Phillip Herman leaves Andrea best wishes forever and all the clothes in the world. 
Laureen Mazelewski leaves Brian Connolly a successful college basketball career and a life full 


of success and happiness in whatever he chooses to do. 

Julie leaves Laureen a clean sweatshirt, food, a boyfriend who will ask her out, and all her 


Gretchen Faelton leaves Lauren the perfect ceramic dragon, memories of the express elevators at 

Model U.N. New York, and Thursday nights at Sherry's house. 

Kim Smith leaves Karen and Nikia a new deck of cards to retell her future. 

Steve Presten leaves Tony ALL. 

Jon Pelletier leaves Andy a new front-end and a vacuum. 

Lauren Babel leaves Sherry memories of Martha's Vineyard, rugs at the beach, and her 


Dawn Pierce leaves the softball team many more years of success. 

Nikia Johnson leaves Lauren a sparkly dress for the prom, an answer to all her questions, and 

$15,000 for all of her i.o.u.'s. 

Chris LaCava leaves Eric Johnson memories of incoming scuds and patriot counter attacks. 

Gretchen Faelton leaves Sherry memories of Martha's Vineyard, guys on the Ferry boats, and 

slick ski moves to meet guys. 

Denise View leaves Craig and Rich clean minds, thanks, and her friendship always. 

Steve Preston leaves Karen and Russ a real trip to Vermont. 

Craig Henderson leaves the crew friendship for life, a place to always stay, and good memories. 

Karen Preus leaves Russ someone who will teach him a lesson in Five-D. 

Jim Hurley leaves Gabe, Scott, and John the memory that "short is beautiful." 

Steve Preston leaves Bree a million hours of sleep. 

Derek Brady leaves his sister a guardian angel to point her in the right direction. 

Phillip Herman leaves Katie all of his Spanish knowledge and an excellent relationship with 

Mrs. Damon in Spanish four. 

Karen Preus leaves the Sedell's clan a life after six p.m. 

Gretchen Faelton leaves Steve an endless supply of starbursts and caps for his gun. 

Julie Green leaves her family all her love and thanks for everything. 

Laureen Mazelewski leaves Julie a clean pair of sweat pants, squishy earphones, and a boyfriend 

who will ask her out. 

Lauren Babel leaves Gretchen memories of Model United Nations, third period in the yearbook 

room, and an endless supply of pretzel rods. 

Gary Dombrowski leaves Tom a lifetime supply of Dew and unbreakable drumsticks. 

Julie Green leaves Mark, Gary, Andi, Tristan, and Marc the band room and all the friendships 

found and loves lost there. 

Jon Pelletier leaves Tony Long a Xerox of his diploma. 

Dawn Pierce leaves Mariann the best of luck in college and her friendship. 

Chris LaCava leaves Tom and Gary memories of playing cards, drawing manerds, and making 


Nikia Johnson leaves Sherry lots of gum and tic tacs. 

Steve Preston leaves Andy all the Little Debbie snacks he can eat. 

Denise View leaves Ryan Packard memories and happiness always. 

Craig Henderson leaves Denise, Dawn, and Shelly love, happiness, and friendship always, and 

all the memories. 

Chris LaCava leaves Steve a real gun. 

Karen Preus leaves Lauren a pen that never runs out to write on heads, the badminton 

championship three years in a row, and good luck and good times in the future. 

Jim Hurley leaves Derek and Elaine many years of happiness. 

Derek Brady leaves Elaine a real pet. 

We always knew you'd be an athlete 

. . . Your love of music was present at an 
early age! 

It is our hope that life brings you all 

the joy you have given us. 

We love you, 
Mom and Dad 

Graduation is only the beginning . . . 
We wish you happiness and success 
in everything you do. 

We love you! 

Nana and Bubba 

Good luck in your future. 

I love you always, 


Thank you for the joy, love 
and sunshine you have 
brought to our lives. We are 
very proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, and Julie 

Dear Shannon, 

Seventeen years ago, you came into our lives. 
So small, so beautiful, so helpless. We wondered 
what your future would hold? If we only knew 
then what we know now, we wouldn t have 

You are confident, disciplined, and so very 
bright. We know nothing, and no one can ever 
hold you back. The world is yours Shannon, 
now reach for the stars — Anything is possible. 

We love you and are so 

very proud, 

Mom, Dad, Michelle, Kelly, 

Sandi, and Cookie 

Le vingt et Unieme Siecle vous attend — 

Bonne chance a tous! 


To Lauren, 

You have always been able to 
>ee the beauty in the people and 
ilaces that surround you. 

We hope that you will continue 
o look for this as you go on to 
neet new challenges in life! 

Much love, 
Mom and Dad 

Dear Chris, 

You have accomplished so much in your short life so far, just imagine all 
that you will accomplish in the future. 

Words cannot adequately express the happiness you have brought us, the 
pride we have in you or the love we have for you. May you achieve all your 
dreams and goals. But no matter what the future holds, our love and pride 
will never diminish. 

You are the best of both of us, yet so uniquely yourself. 

Mom and Dad 

Marissa Lynne, 

Thanks for being our daughter! You 
have and always will be number one in our 
lives. Please remember we are always here 
when and if you need us. 


Love always, 





to the CLASS of 1992 



South Carver, MA 02366 
Dennis T. Steliga 


Congratulations and Best Wishes for the 

As the years have flown by we have 
watched you grow into a fine young man, 
and you've always made us very very 
proud. We know you'll be a leader in all 
you choose to do. 

We Love You! 

Nana and Gramp 


We're proud of you and all of 
your accomplishments. 

We'll always be here to support 
you in your future endeavors. 
God Be With You Always — 

We Love You! 
Auntie Gail, 
Uncle Scott, 
Bradley and 


This is just the beginning. Good luck 
in your future, in your neiv chal- 
lenges and we wish you the best. 
All Our Love, 
Uncle Bud, 
Aunt Maryellen, 
Meagan and 




(for now and in 

your future) 


Aunt Sandy, 

Uncle Paul, 

Michael and 





Best of luck in whatever your future 

I'm very proud of you and remember I'm 
always here for you. 

Love Ya, 
Aunt Nancy 

Scott — 

J have watched you grow from year to 
year. From the little man — To the chal- 
lenging child — Into the young adult that 
you are now. 

Your achievements and accomplishments 
which you have made in your life are cer- 
tainly ones that a mother can be proud of. 

My prayers, love and understanding will 
always be with you throughout your life. 



/Wy Shepherd 

^ou'rt the best/ 

uJe love you and we are 

So proud of you - . i 
Con Ardi'ulofiom I 


Mo»\ t Gerry 

Jen *hj Jacqui 

Gretchen Anne Faelten 

Life's gate now is open 

and so you are free 
to journey the earth 

through the land, o'er the sea 
and we will remember 

as you depart 
the love you have given us 

lives on in our hearts 
now life beacons you 

do not be sad 
and God bless you Gretchen 

with love, Mom and Dad. 


We're proud of you. 

Love, Mom, Dad, 
Tracy and Brian 

"Let all that you do be done 
in love" (I Cor. 16:14) 


Dad, Mom, Kim 


Family Health Care Associates 


CLASS of 1992 



to the 





Sam and Lucy 



P.O. BOX 206 
CARVER, MA 02330 


Reinforcing Steel Erectors 



Look who grew up to be 1991, 1992 Class President. You have come a 
long way Rick. Know that your family is very proud of you and will 
always love you. 

Mom, Dad, 
Laurie and John 

Dear Van 

Congratulations and good luck in the future. May all your dreams come true. 


Mom, Kristine, Heidi and 



Class of 1992 

Be happy and "healthy' 

love, Mrs. Lynch 

Jenni Pike i Best of Luck To A Great Group 

Congratulations to my 'Squeaky' and Good _ Thg clasg of g2 _ FrQm The 

Luck at Kathertne Gwbs J 

Love, Mom and Dad I Custodial Staff of CHS 

Faculty Sponsors 

Ann Crane 
Bruce Lessard 
Marianne Bender-Powers 
Edward Gardner 
Melody Greengross 
Mrs. Sharon-Matthews 
Frank Ciafella 
Cliff Snavely 
Mary MacNeil 
Steven Davies 
Gary Lincoln 
Joy Berto 

Dear Andy, 

Ifs hard to believe our youngest child is almost grown and 
ready to leave home. The time went too quickly. You have kept us 
on our toes for the last 18 years. You have helped fill our lives with 
much interest and wonder. 

You are now about to pursue your dream of the last sixteen 
years — firefighting! You are most fortunate to have such a clear 
vision of what you want in life. We are very proud of you. 

All our love, 
Mom and Dad 


Dear Andy, 

Congratulations on a job 
well done. Best of luck to you 
in the Air Force. 

Your Godmother Auntie 
Your Godfather Butchie 

Dear Andy, 

We wish you every hap- 
piness and good luck with all 
your future plans. 


Nana and Roger 


From the moment you were born you have been a source of joy and pride to us. 

Your sense of humor has often made us smile and your many accomplishments 
have earned our respect. It has been a joy to witness your emerging in- 
dependence, self-confidence, spirit, dedication, and concern for others and these 
qualities will serve you well in the future. You are truly a special person. 

Always do what you feel is right for you and don't be afraid to face the 
challenges of life and you will be happy and successful in the future. 

We will always be here to love and support you. Congratulations!!! 

Mum, Dad, and Michael 


Dear D.J., 

We love you very much and 
wish you nothing but the best in 
your future plans. 

We're proud to be your parents. 
Ma and Dad 






to the 

CLASS OF 1992 


CLASS OF 1992 



Certified Public A ccountant 

Carver Square 

124-G Main Street 

Carver, Massachusetts 02330-1390 (508) 866-5900 

The Cdndy Jar 

Something for all occasions 

candy gifts fine confectioneries 

balloons, weddings, bar 

mitzvahs and party decorating 

cakes, cake decorating supplies 


Rte. 58 (508) 866-4340 

Carver, MA Teri Leary 






Carver Sq. Complex 
Building 1, Suite B 
Carver, MA 02330 



K&G >«g 







(508) 697-3308 

(508) 866-7900 





















Hair Salon 

Country Junction 
South Carver 






3 Evening Rentals 

• Free Membership 

*w/credit card & license 

• More New Releases 
Than Anyone In Carver 


The Shops At Carver Crossing 
Route 58, Carver (508) 866-7713 


Carver High School 

Class of "92" 


Carver Jewelers Inc. 

Carver Crossing 


to the 

Class of 



Ron, Steve, and Cathy DeLano 


"£>odau,, well-lived makes 
yesterday a dream of 
and tomorrow a vision of hope. 



:»,*»*«. ■ 




Seniorfest 92 9 









The time has come. 

Its come so fast, 

Many don't want it to leave. 

They want it to last. 

First Benjamin Ellis, 

Then Governor John, 

To a place in Plymouth, 

Then we moved on. 

For five whole years. 

We've been at Carver High, 

We fust can't believe. 

It's time to say goodbye. 

Many many friendships, 

Formed over the years. 

When we all say goodbye, 

They'll be many tears. 

But we still have our memories. 

They will always last, 

Football games and parties, 

The remnants of the past. 

We have our chance now, 

But it seems that nothing will suffice. 

Yet it still seems like a dream, 






; y '-Jr k. 




T ¥ 

This year the Lady Crusaders have accomplished something no other 
Carver team has ever done . . . won a state championship. For the past 
four years the Carver softball team has been a force to reckon with. 
They've battled their way to tournament play every year since the team's 
existence. The first year they were knocked out in the semi-final round of 
the south sectionals. The next two years they ivere knocked out in the 
south sectional finals. And this year they made it all the way. 

This team of hard working and dedicated individuals were led by the 

\enior captains, Lauren Smolinsky and Melissa Johnson. Lauren, the 

n pitcher, dominated over batters with 328 strike outs and a 1.87 

ERA. Melissa led the team in batting average with a .530 for the season. 

his year's softball team ivas once again coached by Chuck Green. This 

%r was a milestone year for Coach Green, who not only had his 100th 

n in softball, but received his 100th win in basketball. This year's team 
was also Coach Green's first team to ever win a state title. 
Wwith the momentum picked up by this year's team, Carver will be a 
tremendous force in softball next year and for years to come. 






• m - i 

;* V, 











.*»■ <1«! 



Congratulations to the 
Class of '92 



Office (617) 866-9371 
Home (617) 866-4052 

Griffith Cranberry Co., Inc. 

P.O. Box 127 

Lakeview Street 

South Carver, Massachusetts 02366 

Clark A. Griffith 

"Best of Click 

tOherever Vow 

Go From C.3-I.S. 


Debra., fy-ank, Gzr>&,Ju/e $ Tonu 

to the C.H.S. 
Class of '92" 

Ellis D. Atwood, Inc. 




Ghe Class of 1992 

thanks all the 

Cranberry Growers who 

^Have Sponsored 

Our Yearbook . . . 

Edgewood Urust 

tOilho E. JCarju Cran. Inc. 

^Bartholomew Sog Account 

Flax 'Pond Cranberry Co. 

Clear 'Pond Sog 

^Burgess *Bog Co. Inc. 

^Horner F. IDeston 

Celia £-. tOeston 

JCaarala & Sons Cranberries 


'Gotta love 
the baby!" 


You've lit up even the darkest of days; 
Your love and encouragement have pushed 

me forward when I thought life was over; 
You're a precious gift from God who has 

blossomed into a beautiful, loving, 

strong and straightforward young woman. 
You're on the threshold of a new and exciting 

life. GO FOR IT. 

We wish you a bright, happy and successful future. 

Dad, Mom, Jeanette and Vinnie 




CARVER, MA 02330 

(508) 866-5878 

-' ■ - 



Some special people are chosen to lead humanity by their inspirational lives. Your life is a gift to share and 
everyone you touch will be blessed by that gift. 

It is with great pride we watch you close this chapter of your Gfe and begin the next. The hardships you have 
endured and the lessons you have learned will be the foundation of your future 

The depth of our love and respect for you is immeasurable. God has blessed us with your Gfe. It is with areat joy 
we share this blessing with the world. 


Mom and Dad 

Congratulations 1 . 
To our Dearest Granddaugh- 
ter Juke.- Anne, 

From the very beginning 
you have always fined our 
hearts with love, joy, and 
great pride. 

We have seen you over- 
come serious obstacles, only 
to go on to achieve success in 
ally our goals and endeavors. 
Your graduation is yet an- 
other stepping stone in your 
sheer determination to go on 
to bigger and better things. 

You are an inspiration to 
us and to all who know and 
love you. May your future 
hold the fuifutment of your 
greatest dopes and dreams. 
God bless you sweetheart. 
Aa our Love, 
Nona and Papa Aker 


Pumpkin farms, Christmas trees, Ghost in the graveyard, ' 'mashed potatoes," Space Mountain, "Tutti-Fnitti-Fresfi-N-Frutty/' Baby ducks, 
Pirates Cove, "Don't Worry BeHappy," 7 West, "Flathne," Singing Jack-O-Lantem, Wiidcat Mountain, "Can't TouchThis" — Sitting on 
the stairs Christmas morning 1 . Yesterday's memories — Tomorrow's Dreams 1 . May ail your dreams come true! 

Love you, 
Mi6e and Erin 









Carver Auto Sales 

254 Main Street • Box 476 
Carver, MA 02330 

(508) 866-7220 

Bob Hurley 

Good Luck 

Class of 


Dear Karri, 

I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful daugh- 
ter. I am so proud of you. Congratulations. I hope all 
your dreams and goals in life become reality. I will 
love you always. 


WHO IS Dark Man? 

Sherry-Lynn Andrade 

Yesterday it was ponytails, Mick- 
?y Mouse, The Smurfs, And 
strawberry Shortcake "Wow" 
You've come a long way baby! 
Zongratulations "Muffin" 

Love You Always 
Mom and Dad 


We're so very proud of the young woman you've be- 
come, with all the successes that you've achieved one by 
one. Our love will go with you as you go into the world. 
But remember, dear Wendy, You'll always be our little 


Dad, Mom, David, and Kimberly 


My sister and my best friend. We will always have 
memories of days that have gone, but with your head held 
high it's time to move on. 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on 
your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge 
him, and he will make your paths straight. 

Proverbs 3:5-6 
I'm so proud of you. I love you! 

Your sister and friend 

Melissa Johnson 
Dear "Liz" 

You fill our life with joy and 
brighten our days . . . always play 
Softball well, shop till you drop 
and challenge your next adventure 
to college. We're proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, + Jeff 


One of the most happiest times in 
our lives is the day you were born. 
You have made us very proud of you. 
You're an achiever — if you don't 
make it the first time — you come 
back stronger until you accomplish 
whatever you set out to do. We love 
you very much!! 




Good Luck, 

Weston Cranberry Corp 

Gary and Nancy Weston 

Double A Cranberry Corp. 

2 Plymouth St. 

Carver MA 02330 


Benjamin A. Gilmore, 2nd 

Gilmore Cranberry 
Company, Inc. 

Off Cranberry Road 

P.O. Box 617 
So. Carver, MA 02366 



Cranberry Co. 

Paul + Gerri 


Ralph and Joan 

Gibbs Co. INC. 


(508) 866-2577 


I CARVER. MA 02330 

Shoestring Bog 

C. A. Kallio 




3 2033 00124 3263 

4 < 




f J 



W *